My Favorite Rock Albums (1) – Top Ten

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1. Exile on Main Street. Rolling Stones. Mick says this album is not necessarily their best or even his favorite. Well, it’s mine. I go back to this album all the time. It is a real stew of blues, gospel, rock n’ roll, ballads, country – you name it. I probably listen to this in the car once a month. Key Track – All Down the Line.

2. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. Derek and the Dominos. I mentioned this one in at least one previous post. Suffice it to say that it is a killer blues and blues/rock album with not only great guitar playing (Clapton, Alllman) but also great dual lead vocals between Bobby Whitlock and Clapton (patterned after Sam and Dave). Key Track – Key to the Highway.
3. At Fillmore East. Allman Brothers Band. The blueprint for any aspiring dual-guitar blues (or any type) band. Blues? Jazz? It’s all in there. Towering. Key Track – Whipping Post
4. Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd. Released in 1973, it remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. A masterpiece of mood and the modern feelings about money, time – and insanity. Key Track – Money
5. Led Zeppelin. Yes, the first album. Is the fourth album great? Of course but this is the first one I heard and it really set the stage. Even Jimmy Page admits it’s all here, the sound, the style, the swagger. A very mysterious album. Key Track – Dazed and Confused
6. Songs in the Key of Life. Stevie Wonder. Stevie put out a number of terrific albums in the ’70’s but this one, IMHO, is the pinnacle. With songs like “Sir Duke,” and “If It’s Magic,” it’s timeless and not at all dated. Key Track – Another Star
7. The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle. Bruce Springsteen. Yes, I am that older fan that Bruce gets sick of hearing from. This album is awesome all the way through. It’s also his most romantic album. Key Track – Rosalita.
8. Who’s Next. The Who. If there’s a bad track on this album I can’t find it. The remains of Pete’s aborted “Lifehouse” endeavor. Key Track – Won’t Get Fooled Again.
9. Highway 61 Revisited. Bob Dylan. I love Dylan. And this, for me, is the best of his three (this one, Blonde on Blonde, Bringing it All Back Home) albums that he put out after famously going electric at Newport. Key Track – Ballad of a Thin Man.
10. Abbey Road. The Beatles. This whole list could be the Beatles. What more need be said? Key Track – The End.

That’s my list. Thoughts? Comments? Your list?

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  1. Good choices and for the right reasons. YOU like them! That first Zep album is never far from a listening device in CB’s world. Same goes for ‘The Wild and the Innocent…’. ‘Layla..’, ‘Fillmore East..’ never get old. Allman Brothers just seem to get better as I get older. ‘Dark Side’ and ‘Who’s Next’, well yeah, great albums. ‘Exile’ won’t get an argument from me. Love the Dylan Choice. One question. How can you do it? That takes guts. Think it’s cool when music moves people this way. Good post Jim.


  2. Thanks. This post has been sitting out there for a year and you’re the first person to comment on it. But then again, I had only just started my blog and I was lucky if two people read anything on any given week. Question, though, about your question. You say ‘How can you do it? That takes guts.’ Ummm, what does? Publishing a list? Help me understand your question so I can answer.😂


  3. I was just kidding with the “guts” but just how tough it would be to make those choices. So I respect the obvious time, care and thought that went into it. I guess that’s kinda what I’m doing with the CB blog. An extended top 10. Your following lists have some pretty solid choices also. Blodwyn Pig’s ‘A Head Rings Out’. No wonder you got my attention. The Kinks? How about everything they’ve ever done. I’m going to pop up to he Dan Hicks post


  4. Glad you’re on board. I think a lot of what I’m posting about is new to a lot of people. You and I seem to be on the same trajectory. Blodwyn Pig? Fuck me. I could listen to that every week. 😀

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