The Color and Sound

Disclaimer – This is a shameless plug for my son’s band, The Color and Sound. Boston-based, they are doing a short tour and then, well, I’ll let them speak for themselves:

Hey! Starting this upcoming week The Color And Sound are going on a short tour down to Florida where we’re going to be playing a date at Pre-Fest and Fest. We decided to put together a 3 song sampler of some of the music we’ve been working on and are looking to also try out some of those new songs live on this tour.

Here’s a link to it!

Color and Sound Bandcamp

And here’s another tune of theirs we’re all particularly fond of:

Check out this band now and you’ll be able to say, “Yeah. Knew them before they were famous.”

2 thoughts on “The Color and Sound

  1. Thanks for the post about Nick’s band and the link to the band’s music. Hope people take videos of the band’s Fest performance. If so, it would be awesome if you could post it here. They sound really good.


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