A Pirate Looks at Thirty …

…posts, that is. (Apologies to Jimmy Buffett). Sure, thirty isn’t really much of a milestone. But at this point in my blog I have to say I’m really enjoying writing it. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of who might read it and/or comment on it. At first I thought there would be lots of talkers. But I’ve since come to realize that the great majority of people prefer to read vs. comment.  And so if you’re part of that majority, no problem. And however you might be experiencing it, I hope it’s as enjoyable for you to read as it is for me to write.

If, however, you do sometimes want to comment but are daunted by having to put in your email address and name, know that even though it says you have to, you don’t. I turned that feature off. I do moderate first-time commenters, so we can maintain a good healthy, enjoyable environment.

During the creation of these posts, I realized what I’m really trying to do is to honor this music and honor the people who play it. The music has given me – and so many others – such immense satisfaction that I think it’s time to pay it back in whatever small way.

I find that I’m also telling a story. A disjointed non-chronological story but a story nonetheless. And careful reading of that story reveals the roots of the music we love, the cultural cross-pollination of it and the sense that music is the only true international language that crosses barriers of race, country and culture.

And WordPress stats show me that I’ve had readers not only in the States but also Switzerland, Brazil, Norway, Peru, Russia, UAE, Canada, Germany, Ecuador, the UAE, Malaysia, and France. So to paraphrase ZZTop, I’m bad, I’m worldwide. :-0

And speaking of worldwide, check this out. One guy starts a song and magically……

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