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Have you ever heard a great song and wished your best music friend was right there so you could grab him or her by the shoulders and say, “You have to listen to this right now?” And absent said friend, would instead grab some random stranger and express this exact same thing but you can’t because A) they may hate it, causing your bubble to burst and 2) they may think you need to have your head examined. I’ll occasionally post these as I hear and/or think of them.

Anyway I was cruising down the road listening to a CD I had put in the car, forgotten about, hadn’t listened to in years and realized I totally loved. The album? “This Year’s Model,” released by Elvis Costello (with the Attractions) in 1978, back when he was riding the New Wave and he was the Angry Young Man.

This is the same album “Pump it Up” came from. That’s a great song. But why isn’t this song better known? The breakneck  rhythm  was apparently inspired by a train Costello used to ride and a Byrds (!) song called, “I See You.”

In the song, I guess he’s pissed off at some ex-lover. “Sometimes I think that love’s a tumor,  you’ve got to cut it out.” (Aren’t half the great songs about some twist on love? ) But he’s hard on himself too. “Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being.”

Anyway, I’ll post whenever I listen to a song that Must Be Heard.

So, put it on. And crank it up! This is not a fucking minuet. It’s rock n’ roll.

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  1. CB likes all Costello’s work. Consistently good. The first albums really sunk the hook. Yup, rock n roll. They can put whatever handle they want on it but it’s just R&R. Good idea about putting songs on your takes when inspired, the best time. Listen to that band. ‘The Attractions’ get it done.

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