Glenn Frey

Lest you think that because of a lack of a post, the Music Enthusiast is indifferent to the death of Glenn Frey, let me reassure you that that is not at all the case. I just didn’t have the luxury of writing up a last-minute post as I did in the case of Bowie. Plus I am damn sick of having to write in response to rocker deaths. Hopefully we’ll have a nice long break.  (Let me here also acknowledge the passing of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead).

I’ve always planned on doing an Eagles post so now I’ll do it sooner. So let me say for the record that while I was not an Eagles fan initially – not a country-rock fan – I grew to like them, especially after Joe Walsh joined them. And for my money, the Frey/Henley songwriting team is one of the best ever in rock. (In fact I sang, “Best of My Love” at a karaoke thing on a cruise ship last year. Alas all evidence of this has been destroyed so you’ll have to take my word for it.) So the Eagles are not one of my top ten bands. But they deserve respect.

RIP Glenn Frey. 

And watch these pages for an Eagles/Frey tribute in the not-too-distant future.