Song of the Week – Wildbirds – 421 (Everybody Loves You)

 “Song of the Week” does not necessarily mean I love it. I might, but it just means I thought that it, for some reason, stood out as being worthy of attention. I don’t know that I’ll have one every week. But you know, whatever.

So I was driving around listening to the radio as I am sometimes wont to do. And this song came blasting out of the speakers. Other than the fact that they sounded somewhat like The Strokes, I had no idea who they were. But it’s exactly the kind of rock and roll I like – balls to the wall, no bullshit, straight-up.

Turns out they’re a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin called The Wildbirds. (Wisconsin has a pretty good scene having spawned the Violent Femmes, Steve Miller, The BoDeans, Garbage, and of course the Wizard of Waukesha, Les Paul. Madison, a college town, is supposed to be pretty vibrant as well).

I’m not sure if these guys are still around. Their last Facebook post was in 2012. If not, too bad. Three-chord garage rock doesn’t come any hotter than this: