One Song/Three Versions – (Night Time is) The Right Time

You know the night time (ba-de-day), is the right time (ba-de-day)
To be (ba-de-day), with the one you love (ba-de-day)

There are so many damn great versions of this song one hardly knows where to start. But the most famous rendition is probably Ray Charles’ from 1959. Ray does the old call-and-response with the Raelettes. This song totally smokes and is completely appropriate for the following activities:

  • Barcrawlin’
  • Joy-ridin’
  • Beer-drinkin’
  • Love-makin’

Baby, baby come on and drive me crazy
You know I love you, always thinkin’ of you

Interestingly, what made me think of this song recently was not hearing Charles’ version but Creedence Clearwater Revival’s from their Green River album. They rock it up a little bit and this shows that John Fogerty has a hell of a powerful voice, too. He’s no Ray Charles (who is?) but it’s not bad:

I have no radical interpretation of this song to offer. But really, who cares in this case? Tina Turner kills this one. This version has nice piano, rhythm and lead guitars, giving it a different feel.

For the curious, there are great versions out there by Aretha Franklin, Etta James and the Rolling Stones among others. And either Janis Joplin never did this song or I just can’t find it. In either case, too bad.

Squeeze me, squeeze me, squeeze me baby
Oh, don’t leave me
Oh, baby
Take my hand
I don’t need no other man

5 thoughts on “One Song/Three Versions – (Night Time is) The Right Time

  1. Yep, they were good. And Fogerty’s got that swampy voice that’s so effective on this and stuff like ‘Born on the Bayou.’


  2. Listening to Ray Charles’ version, I thought nothing could sound better. Played Creedence Clearwater Revival’s version and thought, “this is great” and then played Tina Turner and just loved it. Can’t imagine anyone feeling this song can sound remotely bad singing it.


    1. And I passed on Aretha Franklin’s version for Tina Turner’s! It was great but I thought that Tina’s version was overall hotter.


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