Tres Songs (Mini-set)

In this occasional feature, I put three songs together more or less as a mini-set. Typically there’s no real relationship between the songs other then unintentionally. However, these are a little bit bluesy if not outright blues per se. Some you might know, some you might have missed. Some you might like, some you might shrug. Eh, at least you’ll hear them. 

I heard this band, The Record Company (pictured above), on the radio a little while ago and really dug them. They were formed in LA with a lead singer from Wisconsin. They have a bluesy, rootsy sound.

Their web site says their music is influenced by blues musicians like John Lee Hooker, early punk bands like The Stooges. and rock bands like The Rolling Stones. I’m noticing – and really liking – this trend of younger musicians taking the blues, using punk influences and putting new life to it.

Here’s “Off the Ground.” (This song reminds me of the the opening theme from The Sopranos):

Is anybody not aware of Gov’t Mule? Formed as a side project from the Allman Brothers band, original members were the ubiquitous guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody. Woody died several years ago. I’d always heard it was a drug overdose. But according to Wikipedia, his untimely (44 years old) death showed no immediate cause. Odd.

Anyway, Mule is an eclectic band and they’re as likely to play Van Morrison as Cream. I picked this song not only because it’s hot and bluesy – with a decidedly ZZ Top feel – but because the idea of a “World Boss” amuses me:

Given that this next video is from 2014, I may be the last person to have discovered The Idle Hands, a British blues-rock group. From their site:

With six high quality CD’s under their belts they present passionate, captivating live performances of raw original blues rock but with their own uniquely distinctive style and sound which is heavily influenced by the iconic blues- based bands and players within them; Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix to name a few.

“The Fever,” Idle Hands







11 thoughts on “Tres Songs (Mini-set)

  1. First cut is very cool, Morphine like and a few others come to mind. Real good. I’ll be listening to more of these guys thanks. CB style for sure. (Have you heard ‘Burning Hell’ by Tom Jones? It blew me away). Familiar with Mule. Keep posting this stuff it breaths new life into CB. I’ve stumbled onto some younger people doing this stuff. It’s alive and well. It will always be on the outside, just the way it is.


  2. That first band, Record Company, is up for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album. And I knew that Tom Jones had some blues in his background. But “Burning Hell? ” Hadn’t heard that. Wow, that’s fucking hot. A long way from “It’s Not Unusual.” Thanks.


    1. I figured you’d dig the ‘Burning Hell’ tune. Isn’t that crazy? CB is nuts for that kind of thing. Same sound as the Record Company. I’ve lost track of all the awards and stuff. I don’t even go near the R&R Hall thing. All I know is that RC sound great and I find bands like that through reliable sources like yourself.


  3. Yea, if I hear a good song on the radio, from a friend or even from a TV show or movie, like you I try to share it. Antennae are always up. I texted a buddy of mine told him to listen to that T Jones song. Haven’t heard back yet but he will.

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