On my 200th post – Random Thoughts on Blogging

Dedicated to my fellow bloggers…

  • When I first started blogging way back in September of 2015, my first commenter was supportive and said I would find it rewarding. He was right. By and large I do. We have to compromise so much in life it’s nice to have one place where that’s not the case.
  • That said, it can also be quite frustrating and I have sometimes been very tempted to give this blog up. Sometimes I go for a week with no comments and I think, Why am I doing this when I appear to be talking to myself? But then someone will come in with a great comment and a few have said they dug the blog. So I’m hanging in there for now.
  • Some people have wondered where I find the time to blog. Simple. It’s amazing what you can get done when you give up TV a couple nights a week. So instead of binge-watching “House of Cards” for four hours, I write. (That said, is there really such a thing as too much Law and Order? πŸ˜‚)
  • I try to keep things interesting by having some variety. So, write-ups on bands, serial posts, song of the week, random discussions about the music industry, one song/three versions, etc.
  • It’s always fun to watch the “Most Viewed Posts” section to see what’s “going up the charts” and conversely, what’s not. Occasionally people find old posts and read them, which I like. Sometimes we talk for a day or two about a particular thing. And sometimes posts just go down in flames and I don’t know why. I kinda get that nobody knows Leo Kottke. But Hall of Famer Elvis Costello, despite his recent re-occurence on the list, is one of the least read series. A puzzle.
  • BTW, I rarely, if ever, modify a post. But I realized I should have listed U2 as an honorable mention in my favorite bandsΒ post. Since rectified.
  • I have no idea why people follow or don’t follow a blog. Nor do I have any idea of whether a post will be popular or not. No clue. I just toss stuff out there, hope for the best.
  • And I have no idea how to explain the continuing popularity of my Savoy Brown review. Do that many people even remember them? And the song “Can’t Find My Way Home?” As I write this, it’s number 2 on my “Most Viewed” list. I wrote that post seven months ago! Was it re-released or something? I don’t get it.
  • For all that, I’m never deterred from writing about something I love, regardless of how I expect it to be received. This is a heavily rock-oriented blog. But I’ll still post on jazz. Even if one person gets something out of one post then it’s all worth it.
  • As a rule, I tend to say my favorite song (or list) rather than the greatest. I saw some other guy’s blog who said something like, “Rush is the greatest band of all time, end of story.” Who the hell is he to decide that? Or me for that matter. So I go with my favorite list, reasoning that your mileage may vary.
  • I am also on somewhat of a “mission.” That mission is to try to prevent great music that is not current from falling by the wayside. I talked to another blogger on his site. He teaches music and his students have never heard of The Band. They could hardly have been more influential. I blogged a while back about Sly and the Family Stone. No comment. Again, so influential in funk and in jazz. These bands shouldn’t be forgotten.
  • Likewise it bugs me when I hear someone say, “Oh, that (song, album, movie) is so old.” Seriously? So what? Is Dark Side of the Moon now lousy or irrelevant because it didn’t come out last week? Tubular Bells, hailed as a masterpiece? How about “Blue Moon” or “In the Still of the Night?” Should we no longer listen to Beethoven because he died almost 200 years ago? And we’re so over him? All music is, to me, current.
  • I have about fiften channels on Pandora. And there’s nothing more I like than to shuffle them and go from blues to oldies to jazz to Motown to Sinatra to zydeco to classical guitar to funk to folk in the space of 45 minutes. What a gift we have to be able to do that. Just fantastic. And it all flows together.
  • So this is perhaps a quixotic quest to remind people that great music is great music is great music. It’s “oldness” is completely and totally 100% irrelevant. So I will, sooner rather than later, be posting about doo-wop, girl groups and ’50’s rock ‘n roll. If that turns you off, maybe this isn’t the blog for you.
  • Or, you could just see me as an old fogey, reliving his youth. πŸ˜€
  • Since I now have about 8 million posts out there, I’m going to blog less, maybe twice/week, do a series maybe every six weeks. I could literally blog every day. But on the blogosphere, I’ve learned that less is more. I’m trying to find that sweet spot between overloading the reader and keeping my own interest up. Truthfully, if I had to blog only once a week, it would drive me crazy and totally not be worth doing.
  • I promised (at least myself) that I wouldn’t do more than three posts in a series. Of course I violated that with my Woodstock series. But that will be the last five-post series. Two or three posts in a series spaced out over four days each feels about right.
  • Comments are something every blogger wants but are so challenging to get. This is because, as I’ve discovered, most people just like to “read and run.” It takes a bit of effort to comment. I know this because I am a blog reader myself and something has to trigger me to make the effort to comment. But that said, I greatly welcome comments. And if you’re a foreign reader uncomfortable with English, hey, “Nice post” or “Not sure I agree” is fine with me.
  • All that said, I want to single out those followers who comment most frequently, providing me with what I really wanted from this blog in the first place – conversation. So, thanks to all readers for reading and special tip of the hat to: Runaway American Dream, restew, Dark Star Review, Mumbling about Music, Tangled up in Music and Crotchety Man.
  • Lastly, the Internet is a strange and wondrous thing. Even though the great preponderance of this blog’s readers are in the US, the Music Enthusiast now reaches all six habitable continents and 77 countries (or about 39% of the countries in the world). These numbers are not, I think, atypical of anyone who writes on the Internet. Nevertheless, I find it pretty cool this blog has been read from Sweden to India, from Russia to Fiji, from Vietnam to Kenya, from the Netherlands to Curacao to Finland to the UAE to Curacao to Turkey.
  • Oh and in case you’re worried about privacy, this is all I see

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14 thoughts on “On my 200th post – Random Thoughts on Blogging

  1. Hello! Congrats on 200 posts. I’m pretty new to reading your blog so I’m looking forward to more from you and I’ll be sure to chip in a comment or two! All the best, Scott


    1. Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere. And sure, comment at will. But I don’t want you (or anyone) to feel like they must. It’s just a common phenomenon of us bloggers, I think, to want more. Thanks.

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  2. Congrats and thanks for being here Jim. I started a blog and went through the same motions, it eventually went stale. https://capeannmusic.wordpress.com/ I started another one recently I may or may continue. But its a great outlet. Its also a cool opportunity to connect with others. I think I saw you post on GoodMorningGloucester.com once and found your posts fun to read.

    Sometimes I get overloaded with the information from blogs or facebook pages and I put up a wall for a few weeks. However, I still ready them as often a I can.

    I love House of cards also! There is a site called Qello where you can stream concerts. It is an app on me DVD plaver. I’ve been enjoying just having them on in the background or actively watching them. I watched a great Stevie Ray Vaughn recording last night. I love to watch him play.



    1. I think that yes, there is a great overload of information out there. That’s why I’m cutting back to two posts/week, fewer series. Less, on the blogosphere, is more.

      Thanks for the SRV tip. I will check that out. He is awesome to the max!


  3. I am pretty new to your blog and have been enjoying it, blogging is a strange world, mine has changed so many times over the years as my attention moved along depending on what was on my mind but it is still fun to write.
    I admire those bloggers who can give themselves goals of a post a week/month/whatever and keep to them.
    Good luck with the blog it’s interesting reading.


    1. Well, you know, what’s interesting is the voyage of discovery. When I first started, I had no idea what I would write about or even how often. And it’s less that I set goals for myself, more that I enjoy it so much I’m almost compelled to do it. I actually have to hold myself back. I have, like, 15 drafts.

      I keep a Word document of things I want to write about. When I first created it, it was 300 items long. And so I figured I’d eventually run out of stuff to say. Know how long it is almost one year later? 300 items! It’s a never-ending thing.

      Glad you’re digging it. As long as people keep reading, I’ll keep writing. BTW, I should have mentioned in my post that there’s a lot of conversation I have on others’ blogs that they initiate. So between here and there, it’s a pretty good amount of conversation.

      But it’s like sex. You can never have enough. πŸ˜€


  4. Just keep writing ’em Jim. Blogs like this one have never been more needed. As what passes for popular music these days (corporate wallpaper for the ears mostly) slides into the quagmire of commercialism and crassly cynical culture manipulation, there is a need to keep the trails open back to the days when it all actually meant something.
    Don’t worry if they’re reading it, just write it. Put it out there like a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to the feast. The people who are meant to find and appreciate it, will.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Every once in a while, one needs a kick in the arse on these matters. Agreed about the corporate rock thing. Enough already. πŸ˜€ Thanks again.

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  5. Dig your musing on the blog business. Your lucky. You have al kinds of comments compared to me. I get a charge whenever I get over 30 views. I practically wet myself when I get a comment. Hell I would appreciate a “your post sucks” comment.

    Anyway my motivation to blog was my friends always ask me what I am listening to knowing I am a music head. I could never remember. Now I just call up my blog and remind myself. The greatest value of my blogging is it forces me to actively listen. I still get tongued trying to explain why music touches me. My long term goal is to figure out why I like a song or album. When I do I might quit.

    Keep up the good work- I will try to read you regularly. We seem to have similar taste with just enough differences to make it interesting.


    1. That’s funny about the number of comments. I guess the grass is always greener, eh? Anyway, it still bugs me when I don’t get a comment, especially when I know a band is outstanding. But at the same time I don’t lose any sleep over it.

      It’s funny but I’ve been doing this for a year now and sometimes I forget I did a particular song. I’ll go back over some older posts and say, hey, this stuff is pretty good. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for joining the community. I, too, like to visit blogs that are “similar yet just different enough.” And hey, comment at will. πŸ™‚


  6. Add one Canuck to your listeners. Enjoy your takes, tastes, surprises, humor, profanity, open-mindedness and all round love of music. That’s what it comes down too. That gives Dr Jim and CB a foot hold on lots of good bs. Keep it coming.


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