Featured album – Everything is Beautiful – Pray for Sound – (post-rock)

Disclaimer –  Pray for Sound is one of my son, Nick’s, two bands. (The other being The Color and Sound.) I wrote about them briefly a while back. PFS just put out a new album and so he asked me if I’d feature it. Of course, says I.

If you’re not particularly familiar with it, post-rock is long-form instrumental music. To these ears, much of it sounds like Pink Floyd minus the vocals. Well, not exactly Floyd but that should give you some idea.

In a review of their previous album, Dreamer, the reviewer said it “[combines] serene ambiance with more hook-oriented riffs.” Yes. It’s that combination that makes it work.

Post-rock is, for whatever reason, very popular in Europe. The guys came pretty close this past year to playing in Belgium at a festival featuring post-rock, post metal,  sludge and ambient music. But as these things go, the stars weren’t aligned. Maybe next time.

The album is out on September 23rd and “Everywhere, Everywhere” is the only released tune thus far:

I’ve listened to the album a couple of times and if you like this genre, I think you’ll dig the whole thing.

It so happens they’re playing at a club called Sunnyvale in Brooklyn, NY on Sept. 16. You can also check ’em out out on Bandcamp.  When they’re touring arenas someday in the future, you can say you knew ’em when. 😀

14 thoughts on “Featured album – Everything is Beautiful – Pray for Sound – (post-rock)

  1. I love a good bit of post-rock (nice description though some proponents of the genre use a bit of vocal too 😉 ) and this is a very good bit of post-rock indeed. Nicely done!


  2. I always really liked Pray for Sound’s music. I play their music a lot when I am doing mundane, necessary work. Their music always puts me in another time and place that makes me feel like I am in a magical state of being and not in a limited, mindless place. If that makes sense. Really like what I hear on their single “Everywhere, Everywhere”. Looking forward to hearing the whole album when it is released. Congrats to Nick and fellow artists!


  3. Yep. At the risk of sounding like PFS’s sales guy, their CD is out in about 10 days. Nick tells me that the pre-orders have been phenomenal. I didn’t even know they had that big of a following! I’m out of touch. That’s because I sit around listening to records from the 1930’s on my gramophone. 😂

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    1. Yeah it’s gotten some good reviews, mostly on blogs or alternative press. They just played locally the other night. Post-rock has a whole rabid fan base (mostly, I think, European) who just love the stuff.

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  4. Quality stuff. Has a “Soundtrack” feel. Half way through ‘They Gave Up Looking’ they explode . I really dig it. Love changes in pieces of music. Certainly sets a certain mood. I like the builds and the big sound. CB always likes a hard edge and this has plenty of that. Didn’t they call this jamming back in our day? This is real good Jim, pass that onto the Nick and the band members.


  5. Yeah thanks, I’ll do that. Interestingly, they’re pretty well-known in certain circles thanks to the Internet. They actually got invited – and are going to – a festival in Belgium in late May. And as part of that, they’re going to tour with another band to a couple of European cities. Not bad for a part-time band, eh?


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