Snapshot, The Strypes

One of my very fave blogs is ‘What I Like Is Sounds.’ She’s got a lot of great stuff and her posts about her early pre-teen or adolescent days or whatever are a hoot. Anyone who refers to themselves as the “future Mrs. Ex Bruce Willis” has got my vote. Not to mention referring to Top 40 as a shit pile.

But I am reblogging her post as I just find this band amazing. This goes back a couple of years and these guys now are maybe 18,19. She mentions that they play like early Stones. Yes! Especially if they were cranked up on methamphetamine. Yardbirds too. The guitarist even quotes Jeff Beck from “Over Under Sideways Down” on “Rollin’ and Tumblin.”

If these guys ever come to town, I am definitely stage-diving. It will probably be the last thing I ever do as I am, like, 90. But is rock and roll at some level not worth dying for? Yes, I think it very much is. Enjoy! Every song is killer.

What I Like Is Sounds

2013 Album of the Year! 2013 Album of the Year!

The only thing I have really cared about for the last 10 days is The Strypes!  I have listened to their new album multiple times every day since I bought it.  They are truly an inspiration to those of us who love rock and roll.


Earlier this year I wrote about The Black Keys and how they were going to help Dave Grohl save rock and roll.  The Strypes definitely have a rock and roll agenda, and they are going to make sure that real music doesn’t fade away in the shit pile that is Top 40.  I first heard about them when Dave Grohl was interviewing Elton John, and I searched online to find out who they were.  But I had the spelling of the band’s name wrong, so I didn’t find anything until a while later.  Somewhere I saw their…

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