The Loss of a Brother – Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Drummer, Dead at 69

Literally just saw this. Words fail me on this one. Butch was partners for the entire run of the ABB with Jaimoe. Butch was the “on-the-beat” drummer, Jaimoe the jazzy one. Butch’s nephew is, of course, Derek Trucks, guitar great. Losing an Allman is for me like losing a family member. (I met some of these guys. Story down the road.) Anyway RIP, Butch. Damn! Sorry. I got nothin’.

Drummer Butch Trucks, one of the founding members of the Southern rock legend The Allman Brothers, has died. He was 69. (Click below for story).

via Butch Trucks, Founding Member Of Allman Brothers, Dies At 69 — CBS San Francisco

10 thoughts on “The Loss of a Brother – Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Drummer, Dead at 69

  1. And so now it turns out that Butch shot himself. I guess he was having big-time financial problems and it became too much for him. Goddamn shame is what it is. The ABB broke up three years or so ago and I bet he couldn’t pull in the same crowds.


  2. Yeah, suicide is always sad and seemingly incomprehensible. It appears to be the last refuge of the truly hopeless. What makes it sadder is the Bros. alwaysc sea themselves as a true Brotherhood that was inclusive of their fans. I got to see some of that firsthand and so this is for those of us who have followed them for a long time, akin to the death of Danny Federici or Clarence Clemons. With, of course, a twist Butchie was a good guy and one of the original band.

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  3. I have been on an Allman Brothers jag for the last couple years. Like I said they just keep sounding better. When you talk these guys Dr. they squeeze out listening time for bands CB is on the fence about. No fence sitting with the ‘Brothers’.


    1. Yep, sure did. Popped up on my phone. My year of mourning starts today. Working on a blog post for tomorrow. Want to get it right, you know? The Allmans are up there with Springsteen for me. I have no deeper connection in some ways with any band.

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