The Indispensable 150 – The Spotify List

UPDATE – Since I first created this list, two of the oldies – Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road Jack,” and The Sensations’ “Let Me In” have inexplicably disappeared from Spotify. A rights issue over 60-year old songs? I added in ‘Volare’ by Bobby Rydell (teen idol) and “Tequila” by The Champs.

A short while back, I did a 4-part series on ’50’s and ’60’s oldies called, “Oldies – The Indispensable 150.” I had suggested it might be a good idea to create a Spotify playlist, if not for yourself then at least for dear old mom or dad.

However, after that series, a follower asked me if I had created a playlist. And so I thought, “Oh, shit.” Never occurred to me, probably since I don’t spend much time on Spotify and, frankly, had never created one of their playlists.

So, I’ve since rectified that. Below you’ll see that the songs are embedded in this post. (You’ll still need a Spotify account). I’ve found you can scroll through the list by first clicking on a song and then using your down arrow key. On my Kindle, it just brought me to the site. For reasons known only to Spotify, the default seems to be to shuffle. And of course if you have the free version, you’ll have to deal with ads.

If, however, you just want to play the songs outside this post on Spotify, click on this link.

So,  enjoy. These songs represent over six hours of music and so, no longer any reason not to hold that bitchin’ Fifties party. 😂

6 thoughts on “The Indispensable 150 – The Spotify List

  1. That is very cool. Princess Falda is coming over this weekend and she is going to ‘Spotify’ the old man. (She’s my go to person to keep me up with the times). I’m looking forward to putting on the Buster Browns, slapping on the ear phones and going for a 6 hour “Stroll” with the “150”.


      1. That’s not the way CB does it. “Whole Hog” is my motto. While I was over at your place i was going to check in on the rest of July. You were right. You splurged in that month.


        1. Completely forgot. You are a rock and roll warrior. And proud of it! Yes, I had a lot to say in July, then started up on my meds again, calmed down. 🙂


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