Tres Songs – (Mini-set)

Up next, tres songs, wherein I put together a few tunes much like a DJ. 

First up – The Godfathers. (Pictured above.) A British band that’s been around since the mid-Eighties. I will save myself some work or even actual research here and just quote AllMusic: “The Godfathers missed the British punk revolution by a decade and were a few years too early before loud guitars became fashionable in England again.

Wearing Mafia suits and skinny ties, the Godfathers had a mean look that matched their name. And their sound was similarly tough: brass-knuckled punches in the form of menacing, explosive riffs; venom-spewing, nihilistic vocals; body-slamming percussion.”

Ladies and tough guys, your life story in four words – “Birth, School, Work, Death.”

City and Colour is the nom de plume of a Canadian singer/songwriter named Dallas Green. I felt queasy, he informs us, putting the album out under the name Dallas Green. Um, ok. Well, whatever.

“Lover Come Back” is a shot of straight-up soul. Love this song. When I hear it, I just walk around singing it to myself for a while:

Spoon is a band from Austin, Texas. Formed in the early ’90’s. their web site tells you not much about them. The best I can figure out is they consider themselves an indie rock band, whatever that may mean this week.

Wikipedia: The name Spoon was chosen to honor the 1970s German avant-garde band Can, whose hit song “Spoon” was the theme song to the 1985 movie Das Messer aka Jagged Edge in the United States.” Ah, yes. Das Messer.

Anyway, a cool song, “The Underdog.” Love the horns in this one:


13 thoughts on “Tres Songs – (Mini-set)

  1. If CB wasn’t stuck back doing takes on some of the first things he was hearing, he would jump head and do a post on the ‘Godfathers’ first LP. Fantastic. Never heard of ‘City and Colour’ but I like it and will check out more. Big Earl is a Spoon guy so I will check this tune out. ( version above won’t play) (Check back for the rest of the Band write up later)


  2. Yup! I like the Spoon tune. The horns are great. It reminds me of something else. Big Earl has pretty good taste. And I know he left this CD lying around the house somewhere. Thanks for these Jim. A reminder and two great new tunes. Keep them coming.

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        1. Listened to a couple of his tunes, and yes I see the similarity. I was also thinking Sam Smith, whose music I have a glancing familiarity with. I guess YouTube agrees as it was going to randomly play one of his songs next.

          Liked by 1 person

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