New Music Revue – 5.26.17

(Pictured: Cosmic Coronas)

Lest you (or even I) think that the Music Enthusiast dwells entirely in the past, wistfully longing for the days when he could just “crank some Foghat,” think again. Every once in a while he comes out of his bubble, seeking new music which he can then share with a thirsty public. Herewith, a few tunes from bands that maybe you have not heard from before. Some rock, some bluesy soul. And from Russia with love, some tasty post-rock… 

☛Slow Death Lights is a “Toronto-based stoner rock outfit.” This release has been a long time coming and getting to the final product was no easy task. We traveled as far south as Joshua Tree to record some songs straight to tape at Brant Bjork’s studio and came back to Toronto to finish up the record – all in the attempt to revive stoner/desert rock in Canada.

The album is here. There’s a lot of good crunch ‘n roll there. My favorite tune is “The Blood To Stone Me” but much to enjoy:

Spotify link

☛Antethic is an instrumental rock trio from St. Petersburg, Russia. The trio is notable for impressive and organic combination of a variety of genres, such as electronic, progressive rock, ambient, drone, and shoegaze.

Staying true to the band’s experimental and atmospheric roots, every new release shows progression towards a more balanced and electronic sound. Throughout a 5 year lifetime, Antethic has released 2 LP albums, several EP’s and singles. They compare themselves to Fuck Buttons, This Will Destroy You, 65daysofstatic, Three Trapped Tigers.

A nice bit of post-rock, “Ilium.” This is some grandiose shit. The album is here.

Spotify link

☛They didn’t know it at the time, but for years the members of The Cosmic Coronas were on an inevitable collision course toward the creation of the ultimate rock experience with tasty bits of soul, punk, folk and funk.

Their desire to use music to ignite the cosmic connection between us all launched them rapidly from casual jam sessions to headlining respected venues across NYC, including Mercury Lounge, American Beauty, and Webster Hall.

The Grove is a concept album that takes the listener on an emotional musical journey through love, desperation, loss, self-discovery, and ultimately, to finding the way home.

Check out the tune “Foolish Hearts.” A nice, smoky, bluesy number that makes me think of Joplin. Powerful set of pipes courtesy of Alexa Linberg. iTunes presale EP is here. Available all platforms 5/30.

13 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 5.26.17

  1. Cracking voice on that last one. Antethic winning for me though – off to explore some more. Great post


  2. Thanks. Hopefully something in there for everyone. I’m not the world’s biggest post-rock fan but it’s growing on me.


  3. Hearing all sorts of influences coming through the Slow Death Lights. Sounds good. Antethic sounds good also. Shoegaze? new one on CB They kick into a heavier sound about 3 and half in. I like it. Have you featured the”Coronas’ before? I really like it. Alexa has a strong voice that suits the music. Three good ones Doc. Because of your rep I listened Summit meeting, Canadian, Russian and American.


  4. Yeah, Slow Death sounds recognizably like some other bands but then totally like themselves. I’m hearing some early ’70’s blues-rock in there which is always alright with me. I don’t know what shoegaze is either. But rock has so many genres and subgenres (emo? thrash metal?) that I’ve long since stopped trying to keep up.

    I like Antethic. Thanks to my son I now have some level of appreciation for post-rock. As I mentioned to Tony, the guys are touring Europe right now and playing at a festival in Belgium tomorrow. They’re over there for two weeks and half the time there’s not even a gig. They’re just zipping around Europe, having a hell of a time doing what you do when you’re in your early twenties.

    No, I never featured or even heard of any of these bands. They just sort of all appeared on my radar recently. Like I said in the post, I need to occasionally come out of the past and find out what’s going on. But only if I dig it will I post. That said, my next post goes into the Wayback machine, way back to the ’30’s.

    Yeah, an international summit for sure. Musicians should run everything. Well, assuming they even had the capacity to run anything. Music breaks down all barriers, ain’t no lie.

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    1. Keep them coming. Good to hear that good new music is still being made in all genres. I’ll check out the link from “musings” below. Just seen that Gregg Allman passed. Thought of you.


      1. Yeah, I’m pretty bummed as are a legion of his fans. Just got off the phone with my friend Bill, fellow guitarist, huge ABB fan. Guess I can’t say it’s a total surprise. Gregg did some serious damage to himself. Post tomorrow.

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  5. The era where rock was part of the mainstream may be over, which makes it harder to find good new stuff, but rock ain’t dead yet!

    Recently, I came across this fairly new and still unknown rock band from the UK called Junk Antique when their guitarist reached out to me. This started a back-and-forth via email, and I ended up doing a post on them.

    Their debut album “Magic Water” is on SoundCloud at Some good stuff on there, in my opinion!


    1. I saw your post but hadn’t had a chance to respond. This sounds pretty good. I like the groove on “Little Naked Tree.” The album definitely hearkens back to the classic era. Time for a new new new wave?


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