Featured Album : Rough Mix – Pete Townshend / Ronnie Lane

When I wrote my Eric Clapton series, a train of thought led me to think about his buddy Pete Townshend. I started thinking I should write something about Townshend’s 1977 collaboration with Ronnie Lane, ‘Rough Mix.’ But maybe three days later, fellow blogger Cincinnati Babyhead wrote a nice review which some of you who also follow him have already seen.

He asked me to put my “spin” on my reblog but the only thing I want to add is that I always believed Townshend agreed to do this album because of Lane’s MS diagnosis. In fact, Ronnie was diagnosed during the making of this album. Fortunately, he went on for another 20 years. And in addition to his great legacy with the Faces, we have this excellent album.


Cincinnati Babyhead


Didn’t know what to expect from this album.  Bought it because I liked the Who and also Townshend’s solo album ‘Who Came First’.

‘My Baby Gives It Away’ is a little rocker that opens the album.  Pete takes the vocals.  Second cut is the first time CB knowingly heard Ronnie Lane (Had listened to the Faces but was unaware of the connection).  It didn’t take long to like the song or Lane.  Some good harp and violin help it along.  Liked the lyrics and Lane’s vocals.  Title cut is an instrumental with some help from Eric Clapton and some guy named Rabbit playing some mean organ.

Fell in love with ‘Annie’ on the first listen.  What a beautiful song, sung with subtle passion and feeling.  Charlie Hart’s violin didn’t hurt.  From this point on Ronnie Lane was on CB’s favorite list.  Not to be out done, Pete comes next with…

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11 thoughts on “Featured Album : Rough Mix – Pete Townshend / Ronnie Lane

  1. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to reblog this for a while. Time to get ‘er done. Favorite songs – “My Baby Gives it Away” and “Street in the City.” BTW, Ronnie’s girlfriend helped put together a 1983 charity concert. Beck, Clapton and Page got together on stage for the first time.

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  2. As usual you pull a good one out of the bag. All sorts of familiar faces on that one. They all loved Ronnie. There’s a real good doc on Lane if you search it out. I think you’d dig it. Good choice for a blog. That CB guy has his shit together.


        1. BTW, just a thought. Did I add a link to the comment? If so, your spamometer might be set up to automatically think those are spam and dump them. FYI

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  3. You’ve never accused me of having good taste, Jim. 😀 I must admit, I was unaware of this little gem. Thanks for rectifying that for me guys.


    1. Ha! As if I’m the arbiter of who does and does not have good taste. I remember when I was younger and I was getting points from my friends for digging (in their eyes) good stuff. I had taste! Then I’d come up with some noise factory like Slade and I’d lose points. My taste sucks! Hee-hee. Probably happens even now on this blog. What’s up with this guy they’re probably saying? One minute Miles, next minute Blue Oyster Cult. Michael Jackson? I like to keep ’em guessing. Also, you’ve turned me on to some good Aussie stuff I never heard. You never know.

      As to this album, yeah it’s a good one, a lost classic of sorts. CB and I are in line with a lot of stuff. Twin sons of different mothers I think.

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