New Music Revue – 8.22.17

(Pictured HYMMJ)

Time once again for the Music Enthusiast to stop navel-gazing and actually listen to something that was done post-1972. To that end, a couple of things that I have dug lately. Only two artists this time but a lot of music. 

I do enjoy a bit of prog-rock now and then. I found out about this first band and was eager to make them part of my revue. I like the flow of their music and how it’s sometimes mystical, sometimes hard-charging and yeah, sometimes prog-rock spacy. But it’s all good including, somewhere in there, what sounds like a trumpet. Some info:

Gentle Knife is a Norwegian progressive rock ensemble featuring eleven members. With male and female vocalists, multiple guitarists, keys, synths, mellotron, woodwinds and more, our signature sound dips deeply into classic 70s prog, resurfacing with a modern take on the genre.

This is their second album, Clock Unwound. I like what they did on YouTube which was to provide an 18-minute taste of the album. According to the band, “the relentless passage of time is the main theme of the album. which delves into lives overshadowed by longing and disappointment.

Plans go askew, lovers betray and dreams fade. Yet, as a sense of resignation descends upon a dystopic inner landscape, moments of beauty remain. Songs are epic in format and play across a broad spectrum of emotions.” Heavy.

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HYMMJ (Have You Met Miss Jones) is a Berlin-based band. The band says that their EP, A Potential Cause For Rain, covers the full range of their unique take on Indie-Rock and Wave, which peers hard at the Blues and Psychedelic of the 70s. Interesting because the band name appears to be based on an old jazz standard which legend has it was an inspiration for John Coltrane.

“The big topics dominate A Potential Cause For Rain, they tell us. “Love, death, self-doubts. Concealed by melodies and harmonies, there’s a melancholic undertone, which breaks through the surface due to dynamic- and tempo-shifts again and again.”

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15 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 8.22.17

  1. Thanks for flagging these two bands. I wonder whether the name Gentle Knife was inspired in part by Gentle Giant? 🙂

    Naturally, I’m also intrigued by the Berlin-based band and will check them out as well.

    Progressive rock with its complexity tends to be more of an acquired taste for me. That being said, there are a number of examples I could cite, such as Yes and the early Genesis music, which took me a while to fully appreciate.


    1. I like prog-rock when it’s done well but I don’t listen to it nearly as often as I used to. Apart from jazz, I find that my tastes over time lean towards simpler rather than more complex. But I by no means turn my back on prog-rock, at least giving it a listen just in case there’s some gold in there.


  2. Love how you keep your mind (and ears) open to new sounds. Gentle Knife draw on a lot of influences. Trumpet? A band i listened to back when that probably fit the prog rock thing used some trumpet. ‘Jonesy’. I might even do a take on one of their records.


      1. Listen to the first cut off ‘No Alternative’. It will give you a pretty good idea. ‘Growing’ is the album with the trumpet. Real hard to pin down Doc. All over the place with musical ideas. Hard rock, Jazz etc. Get time you might enjoy some of it.


        1. Ok. That’s pretty good. I read their history on their web site. How the hell can there be a prog-rock band from 1971 that nobody has heard of except for CB? That’s a long time to keep a secret. They don’t even have a Wikipedia page. You should definitely do a piece on them.

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        2. I think it’s quality stuff. I’m sure that they have a cult following. I listened to them a lot. The records came on colored vinyl. I really liked their playing. Vinyl Connection would probably be up on them. That’s one of his genres. I’m going to run it by him. Like we’ve talked about, some bands just fall through the cracks. Jonesy is one of them. When you mentioned trumpet and prog they came to mind. Keep those ears open Doc.


    1. I’d like to hear about “74′ but you were unconscious (CB lost a couple decades). I just listened to Jonesy’s second album ‘Keeping Up’ while working out. Obvious Yes, King Crimson comparisons. Here’s the kicker. Huge Miles Davis (Bitches Brew) influence on ‘Critique’ which opens up side two. 3 minutes in it gets in that groove. Like you said in your take above, the flow of the music takes you to different places. Like you i don’t live here anymore but still nice to visit.

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  3. Yeah, good bands. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    Also, I missed much of the seventies, Jonesy included. Just reported that the Google summary box for “jonesy band” conflates a hip-hop artist and the seventies prog-rock band and ordered a compilation album. So, thanks to CB, for that one.

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    1. Yeah, they both actually contacted me through my site. That happens sometimes. But it’s not at all certain I’ll feature the tunes. I wrote back to someone else recently and said Thanks, but not my cup of tea.

      Yeah, Jonesy’s a find, eh? Talk about under the radar.

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    2. I just run Jonesy by Vinyl Connection and true to form he nailed it. He commented on them in his ‘Timeless’ take. I knew it, I just knew it! Another one of my heroes.


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