New Music Revue – 10.4.17

I’m every bit as gobsmacked by the untimely death of Tom Petty as you likely are. Stunning. To me, it’s up there with Prince and Bowie, a great loss and completely unexpected. Wasn’t he just on tour? For the most part, however, I’ve decided to get off the “rocker dies/write a tribute” train. I’ve been meaning to do a Petty series anyway and that will happen as soon as feasible. Still a celebration of his music but not quite in the way I had intended.

Time once again for the Music Enthusiast to come out of his cave and stop pretending it’s 1971. The New Music Revue is where I post a few songs I’ve been digging lately.

First up is a band with the lovely name of Dictator Ship. I don’t know a lot about them but what I do know is that according to them, they are a soul band playing rock music. The band was formed in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Their biggest influences are Dinah Washington, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones. (That’s quite the combination.) They’re currently working on their first album which hopefully will be released this winter or early 2018.

Here’s “From the Womb to the Tomb,” a hot little number with a lot of the old ultraviolence in the video (No Soundcamp or Spotify on this one):

The Be Good Tanyas are a group from Vancouver who are listed as folk but who describe their music as alt-country or Americana. Two of the founding members, Jolie Holland (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist) and Samantha Parton (vocals, multi-instrumentalist) teamed up recently for an album called Wildflower Blues.

I kinda like the title song. It’s a blues for sure but it’s got a cool, seductive, laid-back feel to it. (Canadians are all so nice.) It’s even got a weird slide guitar (?) solo. (That opening lick reminds me of another song but I can’t think of it.)

As to the Be Good Tanyas, Wikipedia lists them as still together but they haven’t put out anything in about five years. Parton apparently had some serious health shit but as of this writing, she’s back out there. So dig this (this song is begging to be on the background soundtrack of some TV show or other):

Spotify link

Fellow blogger 2loud2oldmusic and I were chatting on my “State of Rock Today” post. We both discovered a band called Greta Van Fleet, a hard rock unit from Michigan that released their debut album in April 2017. (Pictured on top of post.)

Like Kings of Leon, this is a (mostly) family band with three brothers and another dude. I first heard them on satellite and my first thought was, “way too much time listening to Zeppelin.” But they rock so hard I completely forgive them.

Greta Van Fleet, BTW, is a real person, a woman who loaned her name to the band with her permission. (Leonard Skinner had no say in his choice.)

Here’s “Safari Song.” The singer’s voice falls roughly somewhere between Robert Plant and Ann Wilson. If you’ve been hoping for a new Zep, prayers answered:

Spotify link


27 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 10.4.17

  1. “For the most part, however, I’ve decided to get off the β€œrocker dies/write a tribute” train.” Not to mention that that train is becoming a dishearteningly long one. But, yeah – still in a state of shock at Mr Petty. They just finished their 40th Anniversary Tour though admitted it would likely be their last such jaunt. So many classics….

    However – some GREAT tunes here. The Led Zep comparisons very much valid and a real good listen. Loving that Dictator Ship tune too, some real force behind that song and I’m looking forward to more.


    1. When Bowie and Prince died, I immediately jumped on both posts and wrote on into the night. I think it was 1/2 shock, 1/2 feeling some sense of – if you will – obligation as a blogger. But in the two years I’ve been blogging, I think I’ve done about 12 or 13 posts on rockers who passed on. I’m sorry I had to write any of them, regret writing none of them. But now I realize that not immediately writing a post doesn’t mean I don’t give a shit. I very much cared about Petty the man and musician. I’ve been listening to him since (can’t believe this) 1976 when “Breakdown” came out. (I would have sworn it came out a couple years later.) Anyway, RIP Tom Petty. A series WILL happen that I hope you would like .

      As to the tunes, glad you dug them. Some hard rockin’ mixed in with some laid-back blues. Which, BTW, to the point of is rock dead? Not!

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      1. Rock’s not dead. It’s evolving and has spread out into so many different ‘sub’ genres and has inspired so many alternative genres as to only seem so someone like Gene Simmons who’s so caught up looking at dollar signs as to not be able to see properly anymore.


        1. Yeah, he’s spent most of his life looking up his own arsehole and, as far as I’m concerned, has contributed little other than spectacle to rock. But he’s always good for a quote. πŸ˜€

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  2. I saw a Greta Van Fleet video on YouTube and found them to be exceptionally good. I have yet to download more of their stuff, but if they were to ever hit the mainstream hard, they could lead a rock renaissance.


  3. Initially, I also was a bit reluctant to write a tribute about Tom Petty. But he was one of my favorite long-time artists, who is in the top league of American rock, together with Springsteen, Mellencamp, Jackson Brown and Bob Seger, so I went for it. Allman dead, Becker dead…looks like we’re gonna have another shitty year in music!

    On a more upbeat note, your new music revue tunes sound intriguing, especially Dictator Ship (though they sound more like straight rock than soul to me) and Greta Van Fleet (nothing wrong with borrowing a bit from Zep, though I’m sure some of the music critics are going to agonize over this!). Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton sound good as well, but a little too laid back to me at this time of the day!πŸ˜€


    1. Yeah, I’m actually glad you did and others did. That will always happen as it should and maybe I’ll get back on that horse one day, who knows? But I feel like my acknowledgment here is enough for now and then Petty is a priority for a series. Which, BTW, he was anyway. probably 2 or 3 down the road.

      As to Dictator Ship, yeah they themselves referred to their music as soul. I’m just glad there’s music coming out of Sweden that isn’t all being driven by Max Martin and his Top 40 sound. As to the ladies being too laid back for you “this time of day,” dude, it’s 8 am. You are some rockin’ mothafucka. πŸ˜€

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      1. Ha, definitely not a morning person!

        I also have a long commute to work – luckily, I can use public transportation for the most part, which also gives me time to post comments, trying to sound at least half way intelligent while still being largely asleep!


  4. Petty was the biggest shock for me since Bowie. Another one we weren’t ready to lose. If this is what it is to get old, watching all the people who made life worthwhile vanishing one by one, then it really sucks.


  5. Been listening to and watching a lot of stuff from the Scandinavian area. Dictator Ship keeps it going. The Canadian gals sound real good. I know what you mean about the opening lick. I have one it reminds me of but there’s another I can’t put my finger on. I remember the Tanyas but didn’t pay attention. I’m putting this on the play list. That slide thing sounds like a violin. Whatever it is I like it a lot. This is some good diggin Doc. Yeah will give ‘Fleet’ some more time. Heart used to play in the bars up here and do great covers of Zep and Yes. Rival Sons ‘Pressure and Time’ are in the same vein. These guys aren’t listening to that Gene guy. That’s a good thing


    1. Yeah, some rockin’ stuff coming from Scandinavia which is cool. I only knew a little bit about the Tanyas but the two of them sound pretty good. It gave a nice mellow but bluesy flavor to my mini-set. I wondered how people would react to Fleet. Such a Zep clone, but hey, if they can pull it off…

      As to the Wilson sisters, that’s right they’re from Seattle or someplace, right? So it makes sense they’d travel up that way. Ann Wilson can outscream Plant on a good night. I listened to Rival Sons. That is some very good shit. I am heartened by the rock I’m hearing these days. Or at least the hard rock. Simmons was always more about the coin and less about the music.

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      1. Yeah, Vancouver at one time was a hot bed for all types of music. Lots of clubs and great venues. Heart were regulars up here. Lots of bands like the Tanyas. Love those discoveries. Goes back to your thing about popular bands. People know the commercial music coming out from up here but under that there are plenty of bands and musicians that CB digs a lot more. For every Nickleback// There are 10 other bands you never hear of.


        1. Ah. First time I heard you mention Nickelback. No worries. Nobody here expects you to hang your head in shame over them. Or for that matter, Bieber. πŸ˜€ We have enough of our own schlock down here.

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        2. Don’t mean to pick on those lads. I’m sure they bring lots of joy and happiness to people (And all the ants at the picnic. A Mamet quote). CB has never given them a good listen just not my style Doc. 54/40, Matthew Good, Blue Rodeo, Hip, Big Sugar, Fred Eaglesmith, Art Bergman, DOA, POH, The Band, Ian Tyson, Holly Cole, Diana Krall, Bare ass Ladies, Blackie and Rodeo Kings, Colin Linden, Stompin Tom, Neil, Joni, Sadies, Shadowy Men ……..more my style to name a few. Oh yeah, Oscar Peterson … sorry Doc I got carried away.


        3. Love that album. Used to drive around and listen to it, back before driving started to really suck. Miles and Zep are definitely different walkin’ music, that’s for sure.

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