Happy New Year?

Well, despite the best efforts of both our beloved (?) president and the madman across the water in North Korea, anyone reading this has apparently made it through another year. Congratulations.

I don’t have anything particularly intelligent to say here. What else is new, you reply? Exactly.

So I thought I would just point out A) a few popular posts from this year; B) a few popular ones from previous times for newcomers to this blog; and C) some thoughts on blog ideas for the coming year.

A few random posts of note from this year:

Part 1 – The Indispensable 150 (oldies). You can search for the whole 4-part series if you’re so inclined.
Featured Album. Undead. Ten Years After.
Part 1 – Nirvana. (Ditto but it’s three parts.)
Pray for Sound. (My son’s post-rock band).
The State of Rock Today.

Some random older stuff:

Gil Scott-Heron. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
Why You Can’t Get Concert Tickets.
Featured Album – Kind of Blue. 
My Top Ten Guitar Solos of All Time.
Cyril Davies and Alexis Korner – The Nexus of British Blues

Some stuff I hope to get to this year but we’ll see how it all shakes out:

  • A couple of serials, but fewer, since we live in a short-attention-span world
  • More jazzers who rock
  • The occasional blues post
  • Songs from The Great White Way
  • More songs about buildings and food
  • A treatise on string theory*
  • And if I can pull it off, a cool playlist.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Let’s go with the Kinks for I think what we’d all like for 2018. “I hope tomorrow you find better things:”

Spotify Link

*Just fucking with ya. I don’t even know what it is. Hell, I don’t know how the toaster works.

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year?

  1. With a president who potentially can cause a domestic or even international crisis with the next tweet, I would caution that 2017 may not be quite over yet. The good news is that while presidents come and go, the great music you and I love to write about will be here to stay. To me this also proves that America with all its imperfections has always been great.

    As for your blog, keep up the great work! I’d also like to give you the unsolicited advise not to overthink it and simply focus your writing on stuff you dig. If others like it, even better; if not, let it be their problem!


    1. Yep, no need to make America great again. It’s already there. As to the blog, no argument here on your advice. By and large that is 100% my philosophy. I have a lot of good communications on this site so overall no complaints. Danke schoen.

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  2. The “treatise” had me going for a second. A little chuckle. Jazzers who rock” , Great white north” …I’m in for anything you conjur up Doc. You still haven’t delivered on ‘Soft Hits from the 70s and 80s’. I’m waiting for that sizzler.
    Keep doing the do Doc. Great Kinks tune by the way. Have I ever mentioned how much I like those guys.


    1. I like that Kinks song ‘coz it’s hopeful. I’m actually going to host a “soft-rock” party at my house. I’ll be serving light refreshments. Several of us will dance the macarena, others the lambada (the forbidden dance.) After that I’ll get to work on my ten-part series” Disco: Way better than jazz? Damn right, jack.”

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      1. I’m leaning back and having a good laugh at that one. Me and the boys are coming over to spike the punch with 100 proof rum and an arm full of Ted Nugent records (Cat Scratch Fever first up). An were going to have some fun!


        1. The Nuge! All you have to say is “The Nuge” and – instant party! BTW, I hope that on Boxing Day you put on your gloves and went a few rounds with one of the guys from Nickelback.

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        2. Yeah, we all hate them. They were supposed to play half time at a football game a year or so ago and everybody voted not to have them show. Not Canada’s finest music moment. Of course, we have Poison and Skid Row to atone for.

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        3. Popular does not = good. I can honestly say I have never listened to any of those bands. Animal instinct.

          Change gears for a second. Listening to your “Jazzers who rock”, Billy Cobham ‘Spectrum’, now that will clean your palette from above. I was digging it this morning. Check out Tommy Bolin on ‘Stratus’ does that tune cook.


  3. I feel for you having to deal with a madman like that. I thought he would not last for more than a couple of months … still praying that he will exit through the gift shop pretty soon.


    1. He’s a horrible, horrible liar, only in it for himself. My prediction is he’ll resign sometime this year.


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