Announcing – The Blogger’s Playlist

So here’s a little history: the Christmas before last I published a list of some of my favorite XMAS songs. (For whatever reason I wasn’t feeling so Christmas-y this year so I didn’t do that.) And several people gave me names of some of their favorite songs and I thought “hmm, I should create a Spotify list of these.”

And so of course as these things go, I didn’t. Then late last year I published the story of my Allmans road trip. And I advised that how I got onto that convoy in the first place was that I had collected songs by followers of their website, made a tribute CD and voila!

And so in putting those two factoids together with what remains of my brain cells, I had this lightbulb idea. Now that we have Spotify, what’s to prevent some enterprising blogger (yours truly) from soliciting input from readers and creating the all-time blogger’s playlist!

The way I see it this could either be a fantastic list or just a massive piece of shit. Either way, it’ll be (I think) fun, assuming anybody’s even into it.

Here are the “rules:”

-Email me three songs from the genres of rock, jazz, pop, blues, funk, folk, reggae, soul or country. The songs should be no longer than 5 – 6 minutes. If you send me longer ones, I will be forced to add in all 23:03 minutes of “Whipping Post” followed by 33:41 minutes of “Mountain Jam.”

-Give me a little blurb (sentence or two) on why you love the songs. I won’t use all the write-ups but will randomly select some. You may not see any quote on yours at all as it depends on space.

-First-come, first served. If you send me a list and somebody already claimed a song, I’ll ask you for another. Or you can send me an alternate or two if you want. I’m not the quality guy and so I won’t reject a song if I don’t like it, only if it doesn’t fit one of the genres and/or is too long.

-Don’t go nuts and try to impress everybody. Also don’t say “Hey, Music Enthusiast likes blues so I’ll do blues.” Send me what YOU like not what I like. If they’re the same, bonus. But if you want to send me Mongolian Throat Singers (it’s a thing), it’s all the same to me.

-I’ll defer to all of you and if you pick songs I would have picked, I’ll credit them to you and I’ll do them in random order. Well. I’ll try to pick a nice order for the playlist but considering we’re all going to shuffle it, probably doesn’t much matter.

-I don’t care if the song came out in 1957 or 2017, just as long as it’s something you really dig. And they can be “live” or studio.

-The only “perk” I want is I get to pick the first song in the list. You know the band, you just don’t know the song. But I think it speaks to what we’re doing.

-If you ‘re a new artist looking for exposure – or their publicist –  this list isn’t for you. This is for bloggers who want to have a fun list to share. If you’re new and you’re good, I’ll get to you eventually.

-I’m sending this out on Saturday morning 2/24/18. The polls close in two weeks (plus one day) at midnight (US EDT), 3/11/18.

-I’ll sort the songs out and have a blog post (or maybe two) within a week or so of that date which you can reblog, read or do nothing with. I’ll go with what I get whether two songs or twenty.

-Confidentiality will be maintained. The only thing the post will note is your songs and your blogger handle. No email addresses, no nothin’.

Oh, and even though I’m calling it the blogger’s playlist, no harm in sending in a few tunes if you’re not one. I have a few email followers too so have at it.

I think that’s it. Email is:

Gentlemen, ladies – Start your engines!

30 thoughts on “Announcing – The Blogger’s Playlist

  1. Clever idea, Jim! I will definitely give it some thought. While it makes complete sense to limit submissions to three tracks, the challenge is going to be exactly that, given there are so many choices!


    1. Tell me about it. I’m having trouble myself. I can reveal to the world that Christian did in fact provide three fine tunes which are… well, you’ll have to wait and see.

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  2. CB is not a great “joiner inner” but for you Doc, it’s a pleasure. Funny thing, after I read your bit 3 songs jumped into my Babyhead (plus one alternative) right away. It must be a sign.


    1. See how that works? CB could be left out in the cold and miss all the fun. The list would totally suck without his input. I know the three songs already – “High Noon.” “Liberty Valance,” and, for good measure, “Build me up buttercup.”

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      1. As usual I’m laughing at your wit. Love those choices. Don’t forget ‘Cat Balou’ and ‘Blazing Saddles’. Funny Doc, I was sitting in Babyhead land reading your post and no bullshit, in rapid succession they came to me. I’ll send them in a bit.


        1. No but I think I’ll be pleased. I think we’re going to wind up with an interesting mix of classic rock, jazz, a little funk and some bluesy stuff, How can this not be an interesting experiment?

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        2. The people that comment on your page always have good tunes for CB. Familiar and new. It will be a good thing. Doc’s radio station with no shit (did I say that) and no adds (the worst). Any chance of a little Doc intro between cuts?


        3. Intro? You mean announce the tunes by voice like a DJ? Don’t think I could do that on Spotify. Otherwise I’ll just intro them by blogger on the post.

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  3. I like this idea, I like it a lot. I also like the challenge of coming up with just three songs… I’ll drop you a line, sir


    1. It’s a bitch, man. I could come up with 3,000. But if this thing takes off and I have 75 bloggers that would be one hell of a long list. Plus it forces one to focus. Personally, I’m stuck after the first two Donny and Marie songs.


    2. Friendly reminder. Send me three songs. You still have a week but I don’t want you to miss the opportunity. I’ll put a reminder on your blog if I don’t hear from you


  4. Fantastic idea! Definitely a great way to get myself to go through my music library.


      1. Is it 3 songs from only one genre, such as rock or soul? Or 3 songs of our choice, such as one rock, one country and one soul song, for example?


  5. Very much looking forward to the full playlists. My submissions may be some rather weird outliers compared to the rest, but I hope that´s part of the charm of this! And I agree with everybody here, picking just three wasn´t easy.

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  6. Based on the input I’ve received thus far, the list leans in the direction of classic rock. But that’s just the early voting, as it were. 😁


  7. Excellent! Late to the party, but I’m liking this party and I’ll be sure to provide some tunes…


  8. I’ll be sending in three for you. I’m looking forward to seeing the list to see the many songs I’ve long forgotten and for the new music that will be added to my collection from bands I have never heard of.


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