New Music Revue – 4.3.18

Our first of five tunes is by a dude named Victor Wainwright and he is a 37-year-old piano-pumpin’, blues-lovin’ SOB from Memphis Tennessee. In 2013 and 2014, Wainwright won the ‘Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year’ at the Blues Music Award ceremonies. Pinetop – for many years Muddy Waters’ piano player – was a family friend.

Are you ready for some boogie-woogie? Do you like Jerry Lee Lewis? This is Jerry Lee on steroids. Punch your ticket ladies and gentlemen. This is Victor Wainwright and the Train.

“Ha now boys. Get on board this train, let’s get this thing movin’!”

Spotify link

Yeah, I know. We need to chill out a little bit after that. From their press kit: Spirits of Leo are a post-punk band founded by singer Ryan Santos Phillips in Santa Rosa, CA and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by artists like The Cure, The Chameleons, and Red House Painters, Spirits of Leo deliver ethereal soundscapes united with driving intensity and immersive performances.

“”Eden” was written and recorded in one, overnight sitting. It was a response to a major breach of trust and dealing with that pain, which felt immovable at the time. The lyrics deal with attachment, infidelity, trust, and a world capsized.”

Spotify link

How can you go wrong with a band named Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis? (Pictured on top of post.) Wikipedia: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a British five-piece band fronted by the siblings of the Durham family. Their music is influenced heavily by R&B, Blues, Soul, Punk, Rock and Roll and West-Indian music. They are all multi-instrumentalists playing guitar, piano, bass, drums, harmonica, banjo, lapsteel guitar, ukulele, xylophone, accordion and more between them.

This is a bluesy, kinda naughty piece called “Suspicion.”

Spotify link

Originally born in Liverpool, Andro moved to London to train at renowned acting school Drama Centre London. After more than 3 years on the road with Mercury Prize-nominated Jungle, he launched his solo project with two self-directed videos for ‘When the Alarm Calls’ and ‘Afterlife’.

Of this track, Andro says: “I wrote Liar, totally premeditating a bond I knew would fail. And I was also grieving. It echoes the period when you’re yearning for nothing but intimacy and you feel you’ve been ladened with a lie after the breakdown of a ‘companionship’.”

Spotify link

As near as I can tell, this band – The Shuffles – are a French band. (There was a Dutch group with the same name years ago but this is not them.) Hard to find information about them but I dug this up: After a 3rd album recorded between Detroit and Nashville, Lafayette, the duo Nathalie Loriot and Franck Hedin, decided to dedicate to their 60’s style “side project”, The Shuffles.

An unceasing dream had been exciting them for a long time: compose, produce and record an album of pure, classic 60’s soul, with a sharp backing band, backing vocals and guest singers. The vocal performances are full of sincerity and energy, respectful to the illustrious legends of the genre. The shadow of the legendary Motown, Fame, Stax, Hi Records or Atlantic albums hangs over the 12 tracks of this album, a vibrant tribute to the golden age of soul.

This is called “Show Me Your Skills.” It’s definitely got that Otis, Wilson Pickett groove and oh yea, the world needs more of that.

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17 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 4.3.18

  1. Good to hear Victor is carrying on the “Boogie Woogie” tradition. It never gets old. I really dig the ‘Suspicion” cut. Might be listening to more of these three. Also the Shuffles, a throwback from another time. Like those 3 cuts a lot. I had to go searching to find them. I could only play Victors cut.


    1. I know you’re a Jerry Lee guy. Also, are you saying none of the Spotify links worked? I typically put both Spotify and YouTube in, reasoning that one or the other will work. Let me know whats broken.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, I’ll typically have both YouTube and Spotify. Sometimes other sites like Soundcloud. I dig the siblings too. Talented bunch, good sound.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Nothing like putting something in front of CB’s face and making it easy for him (Spotify link) and then he goes off into the ozones looking for it. Duh! That Soundcloud blew my shorts off. They have the volume up to 11.


        3. Ah Doc! Don’t be throwing those $10 words at me. Pictures are good. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been listening to your favorite band (i think), the Allman Brothers. They are good!


        4. Yeah, they’re pretty good. Personally I prefer bands that are a little bluesier, tighter, have high musicianship and play long jams. But they’ll do.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello there. Real good article.
    I’d never heard of Victor till two years ago, when I saw him at the Blast Furnace Blues Festival in Bethlehem PA. He put on a great show, sparing no energy.

    Take care —
    Neil S.


    1. Blast Furnace Blues Festival. Now that sounds like a good time. 🙂 I only fairly recently became aware of Wainwright but yeah, his tunes conveysa lot of energy. I bet that’s a hot night. (So to speak.)

      Liked by 1 person

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