Announcing – The Bloggers’ Playlist – Volume 2

A year ago I published a post announcing The Bloggers’ Playlist. The idea was that I would gather together songs from any bloggers (or for that matter, casual readers) who wanted to create a Spotify playlist. For historical context, you can read the original post here and the follow-up here.

We had some fun with this and I had every intention of doing it again within six months. Alas, you know how things go. What with this, that and the other thing, I never got around to it.

And so we here we are one year later and well, time for another list. Due to some vociferous (largely negative) feedback on the tightness of the rules I’ve expanded them somewhat. But not so much that we wind up with a list that is longer than a Springsteen concert.

Here are the “rules,” such as they are:

-Email me four (4) songs from the genres of rock, jazz, pop, blues, funk, folk, reggae, hip-hop, soul or country. Three of the songs should be no longer than 5 – 6 minutes, the fourth one can be up to 10 or 11 minutes. As before, If you send me longer ones, I will be forced to add in all 23:03 minutes of “Whipping Post” followed by 33:41 minutes of “Mountain Jam.” (Plus “Alice’s Restaurant.”)

-Send me a little blurb (sentence or two) on why you love the songs. I won’t use all the write-ups but will randomly select some. You may not see any quote on yours at all as it depends entirely on space.

-First-come, first served. If you send me a list and somebody already claimed a song, I’ll ask you for another. Or you can send me an alternate or two if you want. I’m not the quality guy and so I won’t reject a song if I don’t like it, only if it doesn’t fit one of the genres and/or is too long. I’m not judging, I’m just the pass-along guy.

-Don’t go nuts and try to impress everybody. Send me what YOU like not what I like. If they’re the same, bonus. But if you want to send me Mongolian Throat Singers (it’s a thing), it’s all the same to me.

-I’ll defer to all of you and if you pick songs I would have picked, I’ll credit them to you. I tended to pick my songs last anyway so I could fill in where I thought we needed more blues or jazz or whatever.

-I’ll try to pick a nice order for the playlist but considering we’re all going to shuffle it, it probably doesn’t much matter.

-I don’t care if the song came out in 1957 or 2017, just as long as it’s something you really dig. And they can be “live” or studio.

-If you ‘re a new artist looking for exposure – or their publicist –ย  this list isn’t for you. This is for bloggers who want to have a fun list to share. If you’re new and you’re good, I’ll get to you eventually.

-I’m sending this out on Feb. 23, 2019. The polls close in two weeks (or so) on March 10, 2019, at midnight EST US. Some people told me they didn’t have enough time on the previous list. Bullshit. These are the same people that go Christmas shopping on December 24th at 11 pm. Two weeks is plenty of time to pick 4 songs. You have 40,000 in your head. Whittle ’em down.

-I’ll sort the songs out and have a follow-up post with the list within a week or so of that date which you can reblog, read or do nothing with. I’ll go with what I get whether two songs or twenty.

-Confidentiality will be maintained. The only thing the post will note is your songs and your blogger handle. No email addresses, no nothin’.

-Oh, and even though I’m calling it the blogger’s playlist, no harm in sending in a few tunes if you’re not one. I have a few email followers too so have at it.

I think that’s it. My email is:

Gentlemen, ladies – Start your engines!

29 thoughts on “Announcing – The Bloggers’ Playlist – Volume 2

        1. Hey, letโ€™s not go overboard here
          – I just submitted my choices, including two instrumentals, of which one is a jazz tune.

          I also threw in whatโ€™s probably a pretty deep cut!๐Ÿ˜†


      1. I have a couple weeks don’t I? I have a zillion to choose from. Last year I went off the cuff, under the gun. I already leaned in a certain direction this time. You sure you don’t want a certain genre to even things out? If I think to much I’ll hurt myself.


        1. You do have time. But I fear that CB may have played too much hockey without a helmet as a kid and so maybe the brain cells aren’t always functioning correctly. As to genre, I’d suggest going over to the “Romantic Tunes of the Fifties” section and picking the first four you see. Astonishingly, no one has yet picked “When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie That’s Amore.” It’s all yours, pal.

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        2. ‘Chill Out With Perry Como’. Just heading out to chase a puck around with a few other “good Canadian kids”. Hmmm. Maybe I” submit some tunes from homeland.


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