New Music Revue – 24th May, 2019

(Pictured: Big Daddy Wilson)

Kids, time for another New Music Revue wherein Yours Truly takes off his blinders and dips his toe into the world of New Stuff. Fun note – occasionally people write to me and ask me to listen to a tune. One guy – whose tune, alas, wasn’t really to my taste – said he would like to be featured on my “prestigious” blog. I tell you what – if this blog is in any way prestigious, I am bloody well doing something wrong.

First up – A while back I featured a New York-based band named Cosmic Coronas. Back then they did a bluesy tune and this time they turn it on its head by covering none other than T. Rex! Does the world need a cover of “Jeepster?” I dunno. I’m kinda digging the energy and Alexa’s pipes.

From their website: “Following up on their 2017 EP, The Grove, The Cosmic Coronas recorded a series of covers at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Clauss (Mastered by Mark Santangelo at The Mastering Palace). Their latest single, Jeepster is a fun poppy rendition of a T-Rex classic paying tribute to the song’s spirit. Get your dancing shoes on as this is the perfect soundtrack for your next party.”

Spotify link

If the Music Enthusiast does not feature at least one blues on a New Music Revue it will indeed become way less prestigious. Wikipedia: “Christone “Kingfish” Ingram is a blues guitarist and singer from Clarksdale, Mississippi who has been playing music from a young age.

The musicians he has recorded with include Eric Gales. (As it happens, I featured Gales on a previous Revue.) Kingfish has shared the stage with well-known blues artists and younger blues musicians such as Samantha Fish. One of his earliest influences in blues is Muddy Waters.”

I heard this dude on Spotify and thought, yeah, this is some smokin’ shit. Check it out. Stevie Ray would dig this:

Spotify link

And now for something completely different. Bio: Another Crush is an indie rock band with a blonde tsunami for a front woman, a raw and arresting alternative sound, and lyrics that will light up the darkest parts of your heart. United by a shared love of 90s rock, they formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 2018, discovered an incredible chemistry and have developed a massive sound that is vibey and fresh yet somehow familiar.

The band advises that “We all have that person we just can’t get out of our heads.” (For me it’s Halle Berry and/or Nicole Kidman – ME). As hard as we try to move on, they linger in our dreams, trying to convince us this time will be different. “Empty Promises” is all about that feeling, and how killer it can be!

The video shows a bunch of cool dudes and some ladies who look like they broke into mom’s make-up kit!

Spotify link

I’ve got not one but two Canadian bands for you this time. I’m liking the feel of this tune called “Fall-In” by a band from Edmonton, Alberta. From their website: “After the loss of a brother, Eric Kane Cherrington had nowhere else to turn to but his love of music. It was through this creative outlet that he pushed forth enduring circumstances and developed a sound of his own.

Formerly a drummer in his brother’s band, No Heat Tomorrow, Eric fervently stepped into his brother’s footsteps to carry on a family spirit while sharing his own heart from behind the microphone.” Adding a couple of cousins and a childhood friend, as they would have it, “The Kane Incognito movement has begun.”

“Fall-In” was written about being ready to fall in love again, that feeling when you’re craving connection,  especially in the beginning stages of a relationship where it’s complete ecstasy: (I have a vague memory of that – ME.)

Spotify link

How can you not love a guy who calls himself Big Daddy? From his website: Big Daddy Wilson was born more than 50 years ago in Edenton, North Carolina. The population of Edenton counts less than 6000, 55% African Americans, 25% below the poverty line. “We were very poor but I had a very beautiful childhood,” Wilson remembers. “We lived a simple life, we went to church every Sunday, school on weekdays. So I worked in the cotton fields, I was a real country boy.”

Young Wilson quit school at 16, and sometime later joined the US Army and later met a German girl who became his wife. And then Wilson heard the blues for the first time. He went on stage, jammed all over the German blues scene and made an impression with his warm and soulful voice. He started touring with bands and as a duo and even released a few records

This tune, “I Know” is more horn-driven Stax soul than it is blues. But call it what you will, to quote the song it is “mighty fine:”

Spotify link

13 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 24th May, 2019

  1. Listened to all the cuts. The two blues are not reinventing the “blues” wheel just pushing it with new blood. Really like Kingfish , will be checking out more of him.
    A while ago you mentioned something about where the young musicians are getting the influence and if they were even listening to the older stuff. Kingfish answered your thought with Muddy.


    1. Yeah, Kingfish is from Mississippi and he’s maybe 20 years old. So he’s got a long way to go and he picked up on the right stuff. And yeah, not reinventing and it fact, that lick has been recycled a hundred times. But I still like to hear it. The other guy’s coming from the soul side of things.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah Big Daddy is older but has himself firmly based in that soul I like. Always good to hear no bullshit music still being played.
        I heard a real good live cut of Jack Bruce and Rory Gallagher doing ‘Politician’. Old school


        1. ‘Politician’ is just about my favorite Cream tune. I play that riff all the time on the gee-tar. I didn’t even know Bruce and Rory knew each other. How about that?

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Really enjoyed Big Daddy. Probably the pick of them for me. But Cosmic Coronas and Another Crush got me thinking I need to check em out too.


    1. Cosmic Coronas is the first band I’ve repeated on the New Music Revue. Last time was two years ago so I give them credit for longevity in the dreadful music business.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, kinds figured you’d dig those guys. I need to spend more time with their stuff in the next few days. Big Daddy is a throwback to the old days which I’m very happy with.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So, I just listened to the entire Big Daddy album from which you took the tune, and it’s really great. BTW, yet another artist on German blues label Ruf Records. They have a remarkable roster of artists.


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