New Music Revue – 13 July, 2019

(Pictured: Alex Spencer and band).

As even the most occasional reader of this blog knows, the Music Enthusiast is somewhat stuck in the past, longing nostalgically for the “good old days” of music. But since, to quote one particular artist, the times they are a-changing, he realizes he must come out of his cave every once in a while and listen to some new tunes. Here’s a selection for, as always, your dining and dancing pleasure.

You know, I love the piano but it’s less and less often that I hear some good old bluesy barrelhouse piano. Fortunately, there is Bruce Katz who “attended Berklee College of Music in the mid-1970s studying Composition and Performance.

After he spent years on the road with one band or another, Bruce entered the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston where he earned a master’s degree in Jazz Performance in the early 1990s. Later he returned to his alma mater, Berklee where he spent 14 years as an Associate Professor teaching composition, piano, Hammond B-3, and blues music history.

Bruce spent six years as a member of Gregg Allman‚Äôs band, touring and playing piano. He played with various Allman Brothers over the years and was a member of Jaimoe‚Äôs Jasssz Band and two of Butch Trucks‚Äô bands.¬† The Bruce Katz Band tours extensively in the United States and Europe.”

From their Facebook page: “Wild Mercury gals originally wanted to start a folk group that focused on warm vocal harmonies. One thing led to another, they caught the fever for rock, for heavy sounds and for an unfulfilled dream of a riotous youth.

Since 2017, they are playing in Montreal‚Äôs bars, unveiling their sound and singing desires that are sometimes sarcastic, sometimes angry, sometimes euphoric, sometimes pop, sometimes rock, sometimes soul and sometimes folk.”

I like the punk energy the ladies bring to “Orange County,” which they advise us is the first song they ever recorded together:

Spotify link

From his website: Robert Ranson‚Äôs lifelong dedication to making music began with his infatuation with drums at the tender age of two. By the time he turned 12, he also developed what would prove to be a lifelong love of guitar. Throughout the ‚Äė70s, ‚Äė80s and ‚Äė90s, he played in a variety of cover bands in his hometown of Richmond Virginia, eventually leading him to start his own outfit, The Aimless Drifters.

Flash forward more than 20 years. Ranson revisits his earlier effort with an upcoming album he‚Äôs dubbed¬†Still Dreaming.”

Although billed somewhat as a reggae-rock artist, this song, “Move On,” sounds to me like a tasty slab of bluesy rock:

Spotify link

By now you may be saying to yourself the following: That is some pretty good shit. But how about a song from a female artist whose music intersects where jazz, folk, and pop meet? It would be even better if she grew up in a musical family amongst both the green hills of western England and the forests of southern Germany and is now living and working in Berlin.

Say no more. Alex Spencer is that singer. From her Facebook page: “Teaming up with the stellar Berlin jazz trio of Ben Lehmann (double bass), Martial Frenze (drums) and Paul Engelmann (alto saxophone), Spencer has produced work of change and transformation. The songs explore juxtapositions between youth and aging, children and parents, technology and humanity ‚Äď all underpinned by the group‚Äôs steady rhythms and mellow tones.”

Her album Shine is below. Good stuff and I direct you to the first tune, “Toxic Mountains.” She and the band have a unique sound that I truly dig:


Spotify link

Wikipedia: North Mississippi Allstars is an American southern rock/blues band from Hernando, Mississippi, United States, founded in 1996. The band is composed of two brothers, Luther Dickinson (guitar, lowebow*, vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, keyboards, electric washboard, vocals).

“In 23 years they‚Äôve released ten studio albums, three of which were nominated for Blues Album of the Year Grammys.¬†¬†(Luther has notched another four nominations in various categories on top of that.)¬†¬†More important, they‚Äôve played countless shows in front of avid crowds, touring alongside Robert Plant, Patty Griffin, Mavis Staples, and John Hiatt, among many others.”

The group has a new album called Up and Rolling and this tune, “What You Gonna Do?” not only has a great groove but also features the inimitable Ms. Staples:

Spotify link

Last but certainly not least is Mindi Abair who I first heard on the thank-God-it-exists B.B. King blues channel on Sirius. Her smokin’ hot band is called Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers. (Insert joke here.)

From her web site: Two-time GRAMMY nominee Mindi Abair has been electrifying audiences with her dynamic live performances and utter command of the saxophone since her debut album in 2000.  No one since Junior Walker has brought saxophone and vocals in one package to the forefront of modern music, with a raucous tone and dynamic stage presence.

She has garnered ten #1 radio hits, six Top 5 solo records and two #1 spots on the Billboard album charts. ¬†In 2014, Mindi received her first GRAMMY¬ģ nomination in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category, followed by a 2015 GRAMMY¬ģ nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for her solo LP Wild Heart¬†featuring Gregg Allman, Joe Perry, Trombone Shorty, Booker T. Jones, Keb‚Äô Mo‚Äô, and Max Weinberg

This is “Baby Get it On” from her album No Good Deed. Smokin’!

Spotify link

*A lowebow is a variation of the cigar box guitar, created by John Lowe in the 1990s. It involves a cigar box with two wooden rods projecting from it. Each wooden rod typically holds one string: a bass string attached to one rod and a standard acoustic guitar string attached to the other.

This allows the player to pluck a one-string bass and a one-string guitar at the same time. Each of the two strings has its own electric pickup that feeds into an amplifier. Some variations contain multiple strings on the treble neck, similar to standard cigar box guitars.The lowebow was created with the one-man band in mind.

7 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 13 July, 2019

  1. Only one of these I’m aware of is the North Mississippi Allstars. They appeared on my radar when Luther played with The Black Crowes. Anyhoo, I’m currently listening to the Ranson guy’s Still Dreaming on Spotify. Not bad.


    1. Which reminds me that I still have your last music revue to listen to. Monday night is usually my blog/music catch-up night. I dig the Allstars. They’ve been around for quite a while. I didn’t know, however, that Luther had played with the Crowes but it makes sense now that I think about it.

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      1. Yeah, they have about a million albums. Great band. I was actually listening to their last one after reading this earlier.

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  2. Yeah the Katz cat has the chops. Nothing here I wouldn’t listen to. I’m going to check out more of the Spencer gal. The ‘Allstars’ are a no brainer for me. Been listening to them for a while. Mavis hooks up with Ben Harper on some good stuff I heard recently.


    1. I fucking love that boogie-woogie piano. Oddly, even though he’d played with the Allmans, I never heard of him till recently and I didn’t even know that till I read his PR stuff.

      Alex Spencer and her band have a unique sound. I need to give that whole album a spin. As to Harper, yes you’re right. I think I heard him and Mavis on satellite radio not too long ago. BTW, just bought myself a new car radio. It will handle SiriusXM AND Pandora (do you use that?) AND Spotify. I am in pig heaven. Getting it installed next month.

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      1. I have quite a bit of that “boogie piano” in my stack. He’s good.
        No I’m not with the satellite yet. Full plate with what I have. The Spotify is unbelievable. I don’t spend a lot of time in the vehicle. Doc, we are spoiled as far as music at our finger tips. It really is unbelievable. “Pig heaven” is right. Falda just picked me up a nice little wireless ‘Bose’ mini. Sounds great when I’m chuffing a cigar in the back yard.


        1. Yeah it’s an embarrassment of riches. I’m always either listening to Spotify or Siriux. Pandora is good to as you can listen to (and shuffle) channels. I think about how many CD’s I’d have to carry in my car just to match this online library. Impossible.

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