Deep Purple – ‘Burn’ – Album Review (The David Coverdale Series)

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve got something going on -next month as it happens – and I’m dropping teasers along the way. I’m not calling them clues as, well, you’re probably not gonna guess it. This is Teaser #2. And for that, I turn to fellow blogger 2Loud2OldMusic for his take on the Deep Purple classic “Burn.” Rock on. Bitches.

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2 Loud 2 Old Music

Welcome to the new series covering the career of the great David Coverdale.  We will start off with Deep Purple and then cover his solo work, his work with Jimmy Page and of course, Whitesnake.  We have a long journey ahead as we have around 33 albums that we will cover.  Sit back and I hope you enjoy the ride…Let’s get started!

Deep Purple – ‘Burn’ (1974):

In 1973, Deep Purple went through yet another line-up change.  This one saw the band lose the lead singer, Ian Gillan, and bass player, Roger Glover.  And for this time around, Ritchie Blackmore wanted to take the band in a new direction and it was the start of Mark III.

First up he brought in bass player Glenn Hughes and damn the man can sing as well so not a bad pick. Glenn had come from the band Trapeze where he had made…

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5 thoughts on “Deep Purple – ‘Burn’ – Album Review (The David Coverdale Series)

  1. Thanks for the shoutout and reblog Jim! I am definitely intrigued. If it relates to anything Purple, Coverdale or anything on this album, I am eager to hear. My first thought was you are attending “Burn”ing Man this year…or maybe headlining it…who knows.


    1. I’ve always found the idea – if not the reality – of Burning Man intriguing. I’m afraid I may not be hedonistic or libertine enough for that crowd. I’m way too uptight, repressed and neurotic. So, no. But it involves Deep Purple for sure, if not this album specifically.


    1. Maybe I should stop with the teasers. Nobody’s paying the least bit of attention to the music I’, posting and focusing on only this trip.

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