Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour

The journey has begun. More later…

16 thoughts on “Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour

  1. This is so exciting! Will you stay in LA or go further afield – I guess I’ll find out. I spent two hours in L.A. once – only time I’ve been in America.


    1. Largely LA. I don’t even have – or need – a car for this particular venture. BTW, I’m in an Uber right now heading to hotel. Oddly I haven’t spent a whole heck of a lot of time myself in California. If in my entire life it’s one month it’s a lot.

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    2. I did the most recent post from my phone and for some reason it didn’t provide a comment section. So if you wanted to do so, you can use yesterday’s post or wait till the next one

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  2. (No comment space in your latest take above)
    Doc you will be like a kid in a candy store. Good for you and i feel your passion. Look forward to hearing how it goes (and seeing the video). Very cool.
    Only thing is, what are you going to wear for the gig? Neil Young/Joe Walsh style just whatevers on the floor or StevenTyler/Keith Richards cross-dresser outfits. Or maybe go for the Fred Flintstone ‘Hi-Fi’ look. Later CB


    1. Goddammit. I had to post that from their shitty phone interface. That’s the last time I travel without my laptop.

      Yeah I’m digging it. Right now it’s about 10:30 am, just a couple hours before we start

      I thought about what to wear. But really, clothing-wise I’m a pretty conservative guy. So black Jean’s, stuff like that.

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    1. I’ll have to check it out later, B. Still trying to fix the stupid comment problem. Also practicing my balls off.


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