Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour

The journey has begun. More later…

16 thoughts on “Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour

    1. Largely LA. I don’t even have – or need – a car for this particular venture. BTW, I’m in an Uber right now heading to hotel. Oddly I haven’t spent a whole heck of a lot of time myself in California. If in my entire life it’s one month it’s a lot.

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    2. I did the most recent post from my phone and for some reason it didn’t provide a comment section. So if you wanted to do so, you can use yesterday’s post or wait till the next one

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  1. (No comment space in your latest take above)
    Doc you will be like a kid in a candy store. Good for you and i feel your passion. Look forward to hearing how it goes (and seeing the video). Very cool.
    Only thing is, what are you going to wear for the gig? Neil Young/Joe Walsh style just whatevers on the floor or StevenTyler/Keith Richards cross-dresser outfits. Or maybe go for the Fred Flintstone ‘Hi-Fi’ look. Later CB


    1. Goddammit. I had to post that from their shitty phone interface. That’s the last time I travel without my laptop.

      Yeah I’m digging it. Right now it’s about 10:30 am, just a couple hours before we start

      I thought about what to wear. But really, clothing-wise I’m a pretty conservative guy. So black Jean’s, stuff like that.

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