Make America Great Again

Fuck you, asshole! And take your loathsome progeny with you.

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9 thoughts on “Make America Great Again

  1. It seems like this amazing dupe that he could get almost half the country to vote for policies that benefit the 1% at the expense of everyone and everything else. I was very tense when it looked like he had a chance after he took Florida convincingly.

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    1. The Republicans have been quite successful at demonizing the Democrats as the party of socialists. Many people here don’t have the slightest of idea of what socialist really means but they’ve been told for years it’s bad and so they believe. So given the choice between the cocktail of misery that Trump is and socialism, they voted for him. And of course, some of them are just flat-out racist.

      And while yes, I had a few uncomfortable moments on election night, it was never really in doubt for me after I saw the polls and the heavy voting from black people, women, millennials, and even seniors who had flipped on him. This is a great day for America and the world. Joe is an experienced statesman who will build bridges that that creep buned down.

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