New Music Revue – 11.13.20

Every once in a great while, the great lumbering beast known as Music Enthusiast slouches out of his cave, cranks up his (or its) gramophone, and actually listens to some new tunes. A few tasty ones came his way recently which he and his hard-working team of underpaid interns submit for your dining and dancing pleasure. (Spotify playlist at bottom of post). 

First up –  Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches from Killarney, Ireland. From their website: “[The band’s] self-titled debut album is an examination of life by way of rock ‘n’ roll. With 8 original songs, each written by O’Mahony, it explores issues such as love, loss, betrayal & defiance.

The exploration of these topics and the wide-ranging impacts they can have on our lives is what made rock music so powerful in the first place, and this album proves that it still has the power to perforate and infiltrate our heavily guarded senses.”

I dug this tune on first hearing. I thought of Petty and Springsteen (and Mellencamp?). I emailed Colm and – serendipity- he named Petty and Springsteen as major influences.

This tune is called “Young Love” and it’s an infectious song with radio hit all over it.



“On Oct 2. Blackbird Morning released the single “St. Magnus” from their upcoming album, Earthbound. St. Magnus is based on a true tale of survival, treachery, and the decay of governments. Featuring 12 string guitar and 4-part vocal harmonies, St. Magnus shows the band channeling the great rock groups of the past into an epic brew of acoustic and world music influences with a timely message.”

From their Facebook page: Blackbird Morning is an American rock band that formed in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Inspired by mysticism and ancient world influences, Blackbird Morning has created a unique sound inside the live rock band format, channeling the driving pulse of classic bands like Band of Gypsies and Led Zeppelin and adding angelic vocal harmonies with sacred sounds and deep poetic lyricism.”

The Zep influence is notable because on hearing this hypnotic tune I couldn’t help but think of the late Sandy Denny singing with Robert Plant on “Battle of Evermore.” Really like this tune:

Spotify link

I’ve written about Shemekia Copeland before, daughter of the late great Johnny Copeland. She’s been a force on the blues scene for a number of years now. In May 2020, Copeland was presented with another Blues Music Award in the ‘Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year’

She has a new album called Uncivil War and she’s clearly (and righteously) pissed off about the state of the world and the state of Black people in America in particular. “As a blues artist, I’m sick and tired of love songs,” Copeland said. “We’ve heard those songs for a hundred years. And while those songs are great, the world is changing and people listen differently now. You want to give listeners a little food for thought.

The church shootings, people being out at a concert and the concert getting shot up, kids shooting up schools, these are times in my life that I’ve been completely disheartened and miserable,” she said. “‘Apple Pie and a .45’ is close to that emotion. Uncivil War is close to that. I ask, ‘Why is it we have to keep fighting the same battles we have been fighting for years?’ It’s time for this to be over.”

But it’s not. From where I sit, we are not done with murders of black people by white cops. We are just in between. Here’s her tune, “Apple Pie and a .45.”


“Award-winning singer-songwriter, Michael Jones returns with his latest single, ‘Melts Away,’ further evidence of his extraordinary lyrical skill and ability to conjure up earworms at will.

As a published poet, Michael has long been determined to bring his talent to music and the reception has been overwhelming – the appetite for genuine songcraft has never been stronger and this is reflected by both critics and music fans alike, with awards for both “We Are Soldiers” and “What is this Life For?” as well as radio play and rave reviews around the world.”

I don’t often get into singer/songwriter stuff, simply because so much of it seems weepy or not of interest to me. But I liked this song because it had that Dylan/John Prine feel without being derivative. “Melts Away” is taken from his forthcoming EP, American Poet Part I.


Lastly, we haven’t had a flat-out rocker in this roundup yet, have we? We have not. From New York City come The Midnight Callers. Their site says, “combining their passions for huge guitar riffs, lush harmonies, sticky hooks, and Bonham beats, the band aim to keep heads banging and butts shaking all night long. This vibrant four-piece channels their love of all things vintage into a sound reminiscent of rock ‘n’ roll’s heyday, while adding a flair all their own.

Yes indeed. Here is their tune “41 Miles to Roscoe.”


18 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 11.13.20

  1. Well, you have made this lad’s morning. Some really great new music to explore & enjoy, thanks!! My faves are Blackbird Morning & Shemekia Copeland. That Apple Pie and a .45 is one hell of a song. It so commanded my attention & mood that I had to take a break for a coffee before I could listen to the other songs.


    1. This is one of my favoite New Music Revues ever. I sat and listened to the playlist after the fact and really enjoyed it. And yeah, Shemekia (like her father) is a great blues performer. And she has every right to sing the blues lately. I have never seen her live but once we can all get the hell out of the house I will rectify that. A powerful singer .


  2. Your usual eclectic mix. You’ve pointed me to a few of these before. Good to have ya back talking all things music. Hey you’re a ell rounded guy.


    1. This is probably CB but it came in as Someone. You comment on (literally) 99% of my posts so one wonders what kept you from commenting on the last one. I’ll assume you’re a fan of the guy


    2. This came in as Someone. I assume it’s CB. Political stuff too controversial for ya? Not gonna apologize to you or anyone else for that post.


      1. On my back up computer so I guess I show up as “Unknown”. I’m like a bull rider. When asked why he rides bulls? “I do it because there’s no politics involved. The bull doesnt know politics”
        You can post anything you want Doc (and you will). I’ll keep coming back for your music thoughts (Maybe a few films when you pull the trigger).
        (Using this computer I show up as CB for some and Anonymous for others. Gremlins)


        1. Ok. But that day wasn’t just politics as usual. It really was a battle for the soul of this nation and the good guys won. I have a lot of international readers and I wanted there to be no question whatsoever where this old white guy stood.

          So with that out of the way, let me know your take on the tunes.


  3. This is a great and diverse set of songs. I like all of your selections. Best of all, except for the amazing Shemekia Copeland, I had not heard of any of these artists before.

    I love the melodic guitar sound of Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches.

    Blackbird Morning? Holy cow, pretty epic!

    Shemekia Copeland is a compelling artist. “Give me apple pie and a .45/AK 47 with a shake on the side/Don’t bother runnin/Cause you can’t hide/Give me apple pie and a .45…” This is powerful stuff and illustrates the insanity of gun proliferation in this country!

    I’m also with you regarding Michael Jones: This tune has a great feel.

    And how ‘about The Midnight Callers? Always love a great melodic rocker!


    1. I love all my New Music Revues. But I listened to these on my room speakers – louud – and I told my long-suffering wife, This is the best batch of tunes yet. No filler, all killer. I will happily spin this list again. As to Shemekia, I’ve been following her for a while but as I mentioned to another commenter, have never seen her. After this fucking plauge lifts and she starts touring again, i’m there. A powerhouse.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Like Anonymous said. You have played Copeland before. The band on this cut sounds like my style. I like their sound. I’ve heard the ‘Callers’ before, from you or someone else. Eclectic mix. Sounds like you’ve found yourself some fresh blood. Singer songwriters? The world is upside down.


    1. Fuck that anonymous guy. I told him, Whatever you’re looking for. Don’t come around here no more. He’s no CB. Yeah, Shemekia’s been at bat at least once before. CB owes it to himself to check out her catalog. One of the best. That tune is from a new album. The rest of the bands I never heard of. Yeah, singer/songwriter. Who knew? I just dug the tune. I’ve been getting much better tunes since I sent the Top 40 crowd packing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So you get some of this stuff sent. Did I miss the boat? Out of the tunes you featured how many were sent? I thought you were picking it up just from your travels. Very cool if this is the quality of the music people are sending. Both me and that “Anonymous” guy dont do “Top 40”.


        1. Oh yeah, I get a bunch of shit all the time, most of it rejected. Of this current batch, Shemkia and Mdnight Callers I found on Spotify, the others were submitted. If i go to back to all my New Music Revues it’s always been a mix.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Oh. I guess I missed that piece along the way. Good for you to help expose this music. I will listen with a different perspective. Thanks for that. CB is a day late and a buck short but he still shows up. I knew people sent you stuff but not this quality.


        3. Yeah, I like to help these folks out. However, when i communicate with them or their publicists they tend to get irrationally excited. I remind that this is not Rolling Stone, I am a boutique site and it will do exactly zero to raise their visibility or increase sales.

          Liked by 1 person

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