Six From The Vault – Volume 3

I’ve been blogging now for about five years and by my count, I’ve posted … well, a lot of songs. Some of them I posted a while back, some are so old your mother should know. But I listen to some of these while driving around in my Tesla and thought, geez, I never hear these on the radio. Maybe I should bring them back to life and share them with both of my readers.

You can find previous vaults by looking in the category list on the site. Here are some songs to eat turkey by.

I’ve been listening to the three little ol’ boys from Texas from many a year. There’s no era of Zed Zed Top that I don’t love. I had planned to see them with Gregg Allman but Gregg died, the show left town and that was that. I did manage to see Billy Gibbons in the Before Times and wrote about it here.

I was in a band or two in my time, none coming to any real consequence. “Arrested for Driving While Blind” was brought to my attention by the guy who played harp in our band. So we played it. Good tune. Smokes. Hey, it’s only blood grain alcohol:

Spotify link

Cheap Trick, right? Am I right? You’re fuckin’ ay I’m right. They tore it up at Budokan. This is not that, however, In my humble opinion, “Surrender” is one of the greatest rock songs ever.

Whatever happened to all this season’s
Losers of the year?
Every time I got to thinking
Where’d they disappear?

But when I woke up, Mom and Dad
Are rolling on the couch
Rolling numbers, rock and rollin’
Got my KISS records out


I did a series on Pink Floyd a couple two, three years ago. I never saw them but we did see Waters do The Wall at Fenway Park a while back. I also had tickets for me and Sonny Boy to go see him this year till COVID fucked everything up.

“One of These Days” is one of those songs that takes me back to when there was really underground radio and our parents didn’t know what the fuck this shit was. Now I’m sure my kids are listening to stuff and thinking the same thing about their old man. But I was first. So, a little credit for the old man here, please:


Wikipedia: “Theme for an Imaginary Western is a song written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown. The song originally appeared on Bruce’s Songs for a Tailor album in 1969.

The following year, “Theme” appeared on Mountain’s Climbing! album. Mountain bassist/vocalist Felix Pappalardi, who sang the song with Mountain, had helped produce Bruce’s album and brought the song to guitarist/vocalist Leslie West’s attention for their album. Mountain performed the song at the Woodstock Festival in 1969.

I love this song and West’s solos are some of my all-time favorites:


When Tom Petty died we all said well, fuck it, there”s no reason to go on. We had a stiff drink, toasted Tom, and eventually put our bib boy pants on and moved on as, one assumes, he would have wanted us to. I still hear him DJ’ing on his Sirius XM show. One of the all-time great rockers.

From one of Tom’s late-career albums, Mojo comes a Petty/Campbell number you should know better called “I Should Have Known It.” No Byrds stuff, no acoustic stuff. Just flat-out balls to the wall rock and roll:


For our final tune, let us now kick out the jams with the Pretenders. But not me baby I’m too precious, fuck off


11 thoughts on “Six From The Vault – Volume 3

  1. You, my friend, have hit this one out of the park! Great picks. Zed Zed Top, aces for this little Canuck. And One of These Days? We always sang it “One of these days I’m going to dance with a gypsy”.


    1. It took me years to figure out he was saying “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.” Or something like that. Glad you dug the set. What I love better than anything is to just drive around and listen to these playlists. All stuff I’ve posted before but back-to-back, boy they just kick ass.


  2. Great selection, Jim. While I felt they could have been a bit more engaged when I saw them a couple of years ago, I dig ZZ Top. I also agree with you that Cheap Trick song is a terrific tune. Floyd is right up my alley. As for Tom Petty, this tune shows he and the Heartbreakers could play hard-charging rock; in fact, these guys could play anything. And how about Chrissie Hynde? She still sounds as bad ass on the most recent album by Pretenders, which came out in July this year, some 40 years after their first album – remarkable!


    1. I recall you doing that Pretenders album. Thanks for the reminder. I saw them open for the Stones once. Fantastic. Chrissie Hynde has more balls than any 12 guys I know and I say that as a compliment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Like all those cuts. I cut my Floyd teeth on that song and album. You know how I feel about the Mountain tune. Felix the 4th member of Cream. The Heartbreakers are justa kick ass band. I lean towards these kind of Tom songs.


    1. Yeah, I love listening to great songs back-to-back. My own radio station. I have Sirius but I don’t get that from them. One minute something good, next minute sludge.

      Liked by 1 person

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