New Music Revue – 3/29/21

Wherein I ponder a few new tunes that rolled my way …

From their press release: “West Side” Joe is a Memphis-raised blues, rock, and R&B singer, songwriter, and guitarist now based in Ft. Collins, CO. Together with his band, The Men of Soul, he plays original music that cuts across genres, but always keep a soulful honesty. That sound is captured on Keep On Climbin’, a new album to be released on April 30th.

The band makes music that fans of acts like Mavis Staples, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, The Black Keys, The Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Los Lobos will enjoy. (I would add in there a smattering of Little Feat with just a dash of Delaney and Bonnie – ME.)

In 2019, West Side Joe and The Men of Soul took Joe’s songs to compete in the Mile High Blues Contest, where they won a trip to Joe’s hometown of Memphis, TN to compete in the International Blues Competition. While the band didn’t win in Memphis, the experience was “inspiring. “

I’ll say. Here’s a cool rockin’ track from Climbin‘ called “Vacate My Heart.”

Walter Longscott is a Belgian musician who has been playing music for more than 30 years, mostly in various cover bands. As due to covid-19 all live music was canceled, he decided to give online collaboration with musicians a try, which turned out to be an extraordinary adventure that resulted in the album Writing on the Wall.

Walter Longscott’s work will not fit in one genre. Songs are influenced by rock, folk, and blues. With one constant, his subtle use of the guitar, influenced by laid-back guitarists such as Mark Knopfler and JJ Cale.

Don’t look for a wall of sound in the album Writing On The Wall but don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity either. Not less than 22 musicians have contributed to the album, with probably even more instruments used in the songs. Something to enjoy while drinking a good glass of wine… or a Belgian beer of course! (And some moules et frites – ME).

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Some press: Sebastian Ortiz is a New Jersey/Boston-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has made quite a name for himself in Boston. He has packed iconic Boston venues like the Lilypad and has produced Boston Music Awards nominee Sleeping Bela.

In his third single, Sebastian Ortiz explores the sounds of his early musical influences like the Beatles through his double-tracked guitars, 60s-era harmonies, sleigh bells, and five-time overdubbed clapping. (That is some serious overdubbing – ME).

“When I Tell You That I Love You” is an infectious pop confection that the Kinks or Marshall Crenshaw might have whipped up. The expression “I love you” has never had less meaning!

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Written to inspire and motivate others, Believe is the debut album from Australian country rocker Peter Nemeth. Following a divorce and family separation, Peter Nemeth recorded these songs as a way of communicating with his children.

Exuding heartfelt songwriting Believe is a sweet and emotional collection of tracks from Nemeth. From the vibrant bounce and country warmth of the opener and title track “Believe” to the motivating power rock of ‘You Can Be Anything You Want To Be’, Nemeth’s wholesome musicianship shines brightly through delicate tones, buoyant drums, and tender guitar.  warmth and rich instrumentation.

I find the title song “Believe” to be – especially after the year we’ve had – very uplifting and life-affirming:

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John Geel was born and raised in the Netherlands and began playing the guitar & piano at the age of sixteen. Intrigued by the complexities of music, he dabbled with any instrument he could get his hands on including the saxophone, flute & cello.

After several years of hibernation, Geel has returned to the music scene under his alter-ego Giovanni Blue. The entire album Moments was recorded in his home studio. The debut track, ‘Out On The Moon’ was “inspired by a poem lyricist Leonora Jane Wood’s mum wrote as she dismayed over the poor connection of their family Zoom meetups.

“Lacking replacement of the real thing, where loved ones are turned into stuttering, images that break up and freeze on a screen. Pixelated into squares and where the conversation is out of sync and leaves one more frustrated and feeling more alone than you were before.” (I think we can all relate – ME).

The incredible singing here is by an artist who calls herself NINA:

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PR: Captain Danger is a unique trio comprised of some of the hardest working musicians around. After years in New York City, songwriter/producer Aaron Steinberg (guitar/vocals) buoyed by an uptick in soundtrack work “finally escaped” NYC for Los Angeles.

While performing in LA’s live music scene, Steinberg soon met up with drummer Roger “Joose” Benford,  an LA native. It was a fortunate night for the band when D.C.-born Keith “E-Day” Eaddy subbed in last minute on one of the band’s dates  – the chemistry was immediately apparent.

All of these guys have long backgrounds not only in rockin’ out but also as soundtrack and theme song composers, Steinberg having done work for all the major networks in addition to stations like A&E and MTV. And Eaddy has played with Macy Gray, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, and DAM-Funk among others.

Their debut album is the ’60’s-sounding Love Sweet Love. And as tempting as it might be to do the song “Hollywood Douchebag,” I’m gonna go with the super-funky “Holly.”

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  1. Thanks very much for the buffet of new artists! I’m going back for thirds on Longscott & Nemeth. And dessert may be more Longscott; that sound just hits right today.


    1. Both those guys have new albums. Hopefully you can find them ok. Pretty sure both albums are on Spotify. Nice to see people are still making good stuff.


    1. Yeah, I’m digging ’em too. These are all submissions to my blog BTW. They’ve gotten better since I posted my ‘Submissions’ note and let people know they can submit Top 40 elsewhere.

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  2. Good stuff here. Spontaneously, West Side Joe & The Men of Soul (cool name and song!), Peter Nemeth (great sound!) and Captain Danger (nice funky groove) speak the most to me.

    The Sebastian Ortiz tune is quite catchy as well. On the Giovanno Blue song, the vocals are intriguing.


    1. I’m pretty happy with this batch. And every last one was a submission! I like Nemeth’s message a lot. Full-on positive. I see you have some new tunes as well that I’ll check out soon.

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  3. Hey Jim, Thanks heaps for sharing my music with your audience. l am very thankful to you Sir & l hope you have a great day today.
    Kind regards. Peter


  4. Some great selections as always sir but, holy shit that Walter Longscott track was so good I’ve just been and devoured the whole album and am going back for more


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