Reblog – The “Best” Keith Jarrett Solo Album? The Legendary Sun Bear Concerts

I’ve been following the Musicophile blog almost since my first post in late 2015. And he was one of the first to come over here and comment on my first jazz posts way back when. His blog is actually called “musicophilesblog – From Keith Jarrett to Johannes Brahms.”

He writes largely about classical music and jazz but has enough affection for rock to visit over here once in a while. The only thing I would add to what Chris said below is that Jarrett, for all his other gifts, has a great rhythmic feel and would make a hell of a boogie-woogie blues player. Alas, his career has been felled by a couple of strokes and it’s not likely he’ll play again.

Here’s some of what Musicophile said about this album:

Keith Jarrett has recorded A LOT of solo concerts. Attending one of the last of them in 2015 actually triggered me to start this blog.

I’ve reviewed a number of them here already, and still have the ambition at some point to review them all. You’ll find the links to my reviews of his concerts in Budapest, Munich, Paris, Modena/Ferrara/Torino/Genova, Bregenz/München, Milan, and Bremen/Lausanne, which I mentioned in my 25 Essential Jazz albums. And yes, there’s obviously, the Köln Concert, the best-selling solo Jazz album in Jazz history.

None of these concerts is ever not worth exploring, but some are better than others.

You see the rest here. Then come back and listen to the album


11 thoughts on “Reblog – The “Best” Keith Jarrett Solo Album? The Legendary Sun Bear Concerts

  1. I read his take before. Didnt know about KJs health problems. I lived in his music for a time and never got tired. One of those guys I pull out and revisit and never fails to deliver.


    1. It’s you and me (and maybe someday your neighbor) on this one, pal. Scared everybody else off. Interesting that he has a shitload od non-solo albums but I gravitate to these. His strokes came as a surprise to me too. 1 1/2 years in rehab. Sadly, it’s over.

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      1. Forget about the neighbor hes got Don Shirley on the brain. If you like jazz music, people like Keith, Oscar, Brubeck, Powell and so many others are no brainers for me. I get that people have their tastes but these guys are so good and can play anything. Their ideas are mind blowing. Jarret is at the top of the list. He never sold out but managed to pay the bills and leave us so much good music like the stuff you have noted. Keep the fire burning. Some of us are still listening.
        (Surprised at the response to the Webster take. A few folks actually know and have and are listening to him. Fantastic!)


        1. Jarrett has over a hundred albums. You should find one with DeJohnette and Gary Peacock. Tell him it’s the great lost Don Shirley album. You’re right though about Jarrett. He stayed true to himself all the way and produced a hell of a body of work. As to Webster, I may have cultivated too much of a rock and roll thing over here. I publish jazz stuff whenever I feel like it. But the few people besides you who might comment are long gone.

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        2. I have a few of those DeJonhnette and Peacock albums. Man you keep throwing stuff at me. I gave the neighbor a jazz book with A-Z players. He gave it back because Shirley wasnt in it. I told him Shirley wasnt a jazz guy. (good player, more classical).
          Just keep posting the shit you like. Makes sense to me. I see a few of the people starting to move toward more jazz. Christian for one.


        3. It’s a tough sell. The guy who does the YouTube “What Makes This Song Great” series said that his views plummet when he does jazz.


        4. In a way, I understand your neighbor’s take on Shirley. That’s his guy. If I see a greatest rock guitarist list and Duane isn’t on it I reject it out-of-hand. I bet CB is that way with his favorite wrestlers.

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        5. I totally get his love but he rejects others where as you embrace others. Big difference. I certainly dont try to change his mind. I stopped that years ago. Im listening to some old George Benson right now and I know The Doc would approve.
          Wrestlers? Gene Kiniski of course. “Canada’s Greatest Athlete”, self proclaimed by Gene himself.

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