One Song/Three Versions – Third Stone From the Sun – Jimi Hendrix

Wikipedia: “In 1967, Jimi Hendrix told the journalist Keith Altham that ‘Third Stone from the Sun’ is about a visiting space alien who, upon evaluation of the human species, decides that people are not fit to rule Earth, destroys their civilization, and places the planet in the care of chickens. (Would that that had actually happened – ME).

The song is composed of two contrasting sections, one that features a jazzy guitar melody played in the style of Wes Montgomery over a straightforward rock tempo, and another that showcases Hendrix’s free-form Mixolydian mode guitar lines with a jazz beat. In addition to jazz elements, Unterberger identified Hendrix’s use of surf music motifs in the track that are reminiscent of earlier works by the Ventures, a group from the Pacific Northwest that Hendrix would have heard during his childhood.”

“Third Stone from the Sun” was released as a track on Hendrix’s seminal 1967 album Are You Experienced. (Released just a couple weeks before Sgt. Pepper which, if you think about it for more than two seconds, is mind-blowing. man. Like you’re on acid. Like you saw God. Like…

Where was I? Anyway, it’s a pretty phantasmagorical tune. The fuckheads who control Hendrix’s estate won’t put anything up on YouTube (but will in all likelihood keep scraping the bottom of the barrel to release posthumous albums. I lost count of how many there are.) So here’s the Spotify version:

Spotify link

According to their website, Sidemen is a High-Energy Instrumental Band offering a modern take on the deep Rhythm and Grooves of 20th Century Funk & Soul. Sidemen performs original music composed by its members and exciting covers by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Kenny Garrett, Snarky Puppy, David Sanborn, Randy Brecker, and Jimi Hendrix.

And so while we’re doing that Hendrix thing, my good “friend” guitarist Steve Morse sat in as a sideman with the Sidemen. (Say that three times fast.) And what number did they do? Two guesses. It is quite a bit less psychedelic rock and more big band jazz. It’s right in the pocket:

Spotify link

I used Francis Lockwood Trio on a previous piece and since have found out more about him. “In 1987 he was classified by Jazz Hot as one of the 5 top European pianists. He formed his own trio that featured Sylvain Marc and Aldo Romano. One year after, his release Nostalgia received good reviews from the press.

A few years later, he worked on a Claude Lelouch movie soundtrack Tout Γ§a pour Γ§a. (Loosely translated – Dude, what is your freaking problem?) From 1994 to 2000 he lived between San Francisco and Paris and by 1998, he recorded Jimi’s Colors, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, another great success he played on many festivals.

Here they are doing a nice, traditional jazz version of “Third Stone.” Take it away boys. And a one-ah, and a two-ah:

Spotify link



13 thoughts on “One Song/Three Versions – Third Stone From the Sun – Jimi Hendrix

  1. I have to say I like the covers better than Hendrix’s original. While both renditions are great, the Sidemen would be my slight preference. I really love the horns. Steve Morse is pretty cool as well!


    1. I’m a fan of the original but I like the other two. Recall that I met Morse at my RnR camp. Even signed my guitar but alas it’s now starting to rub off a bit. There is not much he cannot play.

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  2. The jazz version is nice. It’s interesting seeing a chronology on Wikipedia of when all those big 1967 albums came out. Doors in January, Surrealistic Pillow in February, VU in March, Floyd in August. Things were changing so fast that just thinking of things by year isn’t all that helpful.


    1. That is true. I’m just now reading Chrissie Hynde’s autobiography and her own reaction to all that stuff. As a young teen she hears the Beatles and falls in love with McCartney. Now you can find pictures of the two of them everywhere on the Internet performing and as fellow members of PETA.

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  3. Just watched ‘”2001″ last night so Im in the mood. Really dig the Sidemen and one woman. Morse fills in nicely. Really cool stuff. (Now you have me thinking Kinks again with Session Man)
    You know Im going to like the Lockwood cover. What can I say other than it would be so cool to play like that.


    1. CB does not have a take on ‘2001.’ What’s up with that? That is one of my son’s favorite movies. Even dragged a (now-ex) girlfriend to see it in 70MM. Watched it myself not too long ago. Bought Sonny Boy a book on the Making Of.

      Morse makes everything sound better. Recall he was one of the dudes at my rock camp. There is still a video on the camp’s Facebook page where he gave a talk about playing. He signed my guitar and now it just says (barely) ‘Morse.’ Sidemen’s version of that tune is what got me to do the piece.

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      1. What’s up with that? Here’s one that will blow your mind. That was my first time watching it. Last night. I should have my membership into movie fan rescinded. By the way I really liked the film.
        That was a good take fella.


        1. Are you fucking kidding me? Wow. Well, I’m old. Believe it or not I saw that at the theater when it was released. With my parents! We didn’t know WHAT the fuck to make of it. But it’s one those “subject to interpretation” flicks.

          I know CB likes to read about the creative process. This is the book. It goes DEEP into how that movie came to be if that ever floats your boat.

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        2. Amazing that I missed it and held off watching it. It and his last were the only two I haven’t seen.
          I will indulge in the Kubrick thing. Ive read and watched quite a bit on him. His style is all over 2001.


        3. You will totally dig the book. It goes deep into how Kubrick and Clarke met, Clarke’s life in Sri Lanka and their collaboration. Trying to solve problems as they went along. Fascinating stuff.

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