A Song I Love – Heaven Right Here

“A Song I Love” is part of an occasional series where I discover, or in this case, rediscover a song I really enjoy. 

Wikipedia: “Jeb Loy Nichols is a Wales-based American-born singer, songwriter, musician, and artist. His music combines elements of soul, country, folk, reggae, and blues.

In 1997, Nichols released his first album under his own name, Lovers Knot on Capitol Records. Positive critical reviews could not overcome poor sales and he was dropped from the label. He then released Just What Time It Is on the Rough Trade label in 2000.”

Since then he’s had a number of albums, most recently one called Country Hustle in 2017.

Back in 2000, the Boston area still had some pretty good radio stations. Now they mostly all suck which is just a damn shame. But for a while back then on, I think, the alternative station, the album Just What Time It is, and especially “Heaven Right Here” got a lot of play.

Why do I love it? Well, it’s not only a good funky song but it is also – (cliche alert) – a feel-good song. It’s about getting together with your friends, maybe bringing food and drink over, enjoying yourself and then realizing, you know, it doesn’t get much better than this.

While I could certainly still experience this in my older years, when I hear this song in my mind’s eye I picture myself in my twenties or thirties, just chilling on a hammock in the yard, maybe with a lady, a beer, and a bong.

Oh, and the chorus is killer. Just try to get it out of your head. Note- not on Spotify for whatever reason.

2 thoughts on “A Song I Love – Heaven Right Here

  1. Pretty groovy tune. Unfortunately, it’s not available on Apple Music either. It’s got a bit of I guess what could call a hip-hop vibe. And that chorus is definitely catchy.

    The most recent album listed on Apple Music is titled “Jeb Loy”. It was released in June 2021. Apple has it classified as R&B/soul. I just listened to the first tune “The World Loves a Fool.” It sounds promising and worthwhile to further check out.


    1. Yeah, there must be some weird licensing thing. It’s a song that never makes me fail to feel good. Also, I had read he had a newer album but couldn’t find evidence of it. I think I might go back and listen to that earlier album and then maybe ‘This Is..’ on Spotify.

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