New Music Revue – 6.14.22

Gather ’round kids. Time once again to hear some new music. Today I’ve got a nice collection of stuff for your dining and dancing pleasure. Let’s get to it. 

I found the tune “Fall Back” by a band called Mint up on Spotify. They proclaim themselves to the the “Best Band in the World.” I very much doubt that but their song is a blast of punk energy that will bring you all the way back to 1977. Where are they from? I have no fucking idea. There are about a hundred bands named Mint and none of the ones I dug up matched their picture or sound. Looks like the Best Band in the World wants to remain a mystery.

From his PR: Paul Vinson, a Nashville-based indie rock artist, was born and raised in a small farm town in Florida. Singing at church was the start, but Vinson set his sights on Nashville in May of 2018. He found himself leaning back on the roots of the classic rock he grew up on while also drawing inspiration from current artists like Dawes and The Killers.

His forthcoming debut album Tunnel Vision is a nine-track record set for a fall release and is a reckoning and coming to terms with mental illness. Lead single “Drama Queen,” tells of the joys and sorrows our idiosyncrasies bring and forces us to recognize that some of our greatest strengths can be the very same that tear us down. “It’s a very up-down battle dealing with OCD and intrusive thoughts and weird obsessions and compulsions.”

“Drama Queen” definitely has a strong classic rock feel and I can easily hear it blasting out of the radio with the top down.

Of Emma Wilson, RNR magazine says, “Emma can growl like Koko Taylor, testify like Aretha Franklin, rock like Janis Joplin, be as soulful as Stax – but she’s always her own woman.” From her press: Amongst the current wave of feted female blues singers, North East-based (from Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK) Emma Wilson truly stands out for her versatility and assured vocal command of so many styles and approaches to the genre.

Her debut album Wish Her Well includes ten original songs. Emma describes them as love songs but not in the traditional sense. The lyrics deal with love, death, lust, rejection, empowerment, and painful heartbreak. The music on the record arcs through blues, northern soul, rock, and gospel and offers echoes of Emma’s influences: Ann Peebles, Aretha, Mavis Staples, Little Feat, Robert Cray, and The Faces.”

Here’s Emma growling on “Wish Her Well.” For my money, you cannot beat a hot-sounding female blues singer:

Now I thought I had a pretty good handle on Elvis Costello’s career. But as it turns out, not so much. According to AllMusic, “In 1972, Costello — then still known as Declan MacManus — was in a duo called Rusty with fellow singer, guitarist, and songwriter Allan Mayes, and they made the rounds of folk clubs and pubs for roughly a year and a half before Costello left their native Liverpool to try his luck in London.

In 2021, on a lark, Mayes contacted Costello to ask about doing a one-off Rusty reunion show. Costello countered with a proposal that they make a record, and The Resurrection of Rust is a six-song EP in which the duo run through some songs that were in their repertoire back in the day — four covers and two originals.” Who knew?

It is time for you to “Surrender to the Rhythm.” Really good stuff.

Wikipedia: “The Sheepdogs are a Canadian rock band formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2004. They were the first unsigned band to make the cover of Rolling Stone and have gone on to a career featuring multi-platinum album sales and four Juno Awards.

Frontman Ewan Currie, the band’s primary songwriter, has described the band’s guitar-driven blues-rock style as ‘pure, simple, good-time music.’ He’s said that the band aims to land in the sweet spot between Led Zeppelin and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Currie has further credited Creedence Clearwater Revival, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and The Allman Brothers Band as influences on the band’s style.”

And away we go. Here’s “Scarborough Street Fight.” Hard to believe these guys are Canadian. Sound like they’re from the Deep South:




6 thoughts on “New Music Revue – 6.14.22

  1. Nice picks! I think my initial favorites are the tunes by Paul Wilson and The Sheepdogs. That EP by Elvis Costello and Allan Mayes sounds intriguing as well. I also like Emma Wilson’s voice.

    Mint isn’t so much my cup of tea. I’m more into black tea – just kidding!

    BTW, it looks like you added the wrong “Fall Back” to your Spotify playlist. That tune is by Migos, apparently a hip-hop outfit.


    1. Thanks for the catch on that. That’s exactly the problem. Too many bands named Mint. Paul Vinson I think you mean, yeah. The Costello thing was a bit of surprise. Not only isn’t it typical of him but I never read about him in that band. Actually I take that back. i did read his autobio so that must have come up at some point. As to the list, I’m thinking that with the stuff that you and I are other bloggers are finding, rock and roll may not be the mainstream thing these days. But it is far from dead.

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      1. Completely agree, rock isn’t dead. It’s just harder to find these days.

        There are some pretty good bands out there, embracing a classic rock sound, such as Goodbye June, Dirty Honey, Rival Sons and Fortune Child.

        Of course, there’s also Greta Van Fleet, though I think they’ve had more visibility compared to the ither aforementioned groups. Undoubtedly, much of that attention was related over controversy early in their career they sounded too much like early Led Zeppelin.

        What a terrible crime to sound similar to one of the greatest rock bands!


        1. I had no problem with that originally. I think it’s still very possible to get that “classic rock” sound and yet still be modern. I think guys like Jack White and bands like Pearl Jam epitomize that. Granted neither is a new band. But they got popular well after the initial classic rock era. I thought Kings of Leon had a good sound but they seem to have peaked.

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