New Music Revue – 4/4/23

Wherein the Music Enthusiast gets his groove on with some bitchin’ new tunes,,,

Misty Blues is a cool, bluesy, funky band from – as near as I can tell – the Berkshires in Massachusetts. They have been around for some time but Yours Truly only just found out about them. (The Berkshires are way the hell over on the Western side of Mass, closer to New York. Very rural.)

Lead singer and co-founder Gina Coleman has such a husky voice that at first I wasn’t sure if it was a man or a woman. Their press says, “Misty Blues pays homage to the older blues made popular by the bold and brassy women of its time, while still paying respect to the classic male artists of the 20s, 30s, and 40s.”

From their album, Outside the Lines comes “Days of Voodoo and Laughter.” Sexy.

ME goes outside his wheelhouse and presents the post-punk duo Social Station. Social Station is Paul Todd and Jacob Sebastian, a father and son duo based in Washington, D.C.

From their press: “Secrets to be Heard” precedes the release of their full-length album In the Fallout, a 10-track effort that is expected to release on streamng platforms and vinyl in Mary .

There’s something about this tune that very much reminds of the heyday (80s?) of this kind of sound. It’s like I’ve heard it before but then I haven’t. Like I said, not in my usual wheelhouse but very much dig it.

“Adrian Melling is a veritable UK musical heavyweight. For over five decades he has continued to be a mainstay of the north west music scene in his native Lancashire and beyond.

His love of adventure and the open road saw him move on to form The Outsiders UK and complete a staggering 286 live gigs in 365 days. The Outsiders UK released four albums and were a very popular live group on the European circuit. Their final album was the critically acclaimed Everything’s Gone Vintage 2016.

The Mel Outsider Reformation’s debut album Miss Victory V features thirteen splendid tracks that see the songwriter lyricist and main character manifest his observational snapshots in the style of a dashboard confessional.”

This is actually a concept album but space requirements of the New Music Revue limit me to one tune.

Here is “Disley Blonde,” a nice little rocker.

Last but not least let’s go with a jazzy version of Stevie Wonder’s “Livin’ for the City.” This is from an album called “Swingin’ Up in Harlem” by a versatile keyboardist named Lafayette Harris, Jr.

Harris is no kid or newcomer. At age 60, he has played with everybody from Slide Hampton to Max Roach to tap dancer Savion Glover.

A nice light touch here is just enough to remind you of the tune but with a totally different feel.

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  1. All great picks by artists who are all new to me! I think my favorites are Misty Blues (really great sounding vocals) and Lafayette Harris (groovy rendition of one of my favorite Stevie Wonder tunes). You’re right, that Social Station song has a retro vibe. It’s a good tune except I don’t love that synthetic drum sound. The Mel Outsider Reformation’s (peculiar name) track nicely rocks.


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