Bob Dylan (2)

First post here: Dylan started out as every bit the folkie. Heavily influenced by artists such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Leadbelly and Robert Johnson, he actually visited Woody in the hospital as he lay dying of Huntington’s Disease. But what people sometimes forget – … Continue reading Bob Dylan (2)

Bob Dylan (1)

There is a TV commercial that shows Bob Dylan talking to the IBM Watson computer. (It astonishes me that he would even do a commercial.) The computer tells Dylan that he’s analyzed all his lyrics and most of them are about “the passage of time … Continue reading Bob Dylan (1)

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart? Really? Didn’t he do, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” Sure. Does he now sing old standards like Gershwin and Cole Porter? Well, yeah. Isn’t he some Las Vegas showboat? Guilty. But that’s not the Rod I know. (Speaking metaphorically). My earliest memory of … Continue reading Rod Stewart

“Race Records”

Wikipedia: “Race records were 78 rpm phonograph records marketed to African-Americans during the 1920’s through the early 1940’s. They primarily contained race music, comprising a variety of African-American musical genres including blues, jazz, and gospel music, though comedy recordings were also produced. These records were, then, the majority of commercial recordings … Continue reading “Race Records”